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   Astrology is as old as measured time. Although there are many different approaches to astrology, all astrologers appear united in the idea that there is a connection between the heavens and the Earth -- they share one common space. For centuries there has been a misunderstanding concerning the nature of astrology to the effect that the heavens somehow "influence" events here on Earth. This theory of celestial influence has penetrated into the modern world until today it is the main concept or idea of astrology supported by the public -- the lay astrological audience. Professional astrologers do not hold with theories of celestial influence. Instead, the modern astrologer conceives of the heavens and Earth as united, interpenetrating, and sharing a common space and time. The great cosmic or celestial events happening around and beyond the Earth (eclipses, lineups, and so on) are not seen as CAUSING events to occur on Earth, but as great signatures of events ALSO happening here on Earth. In other words, there is no "cause" in the heavens followed by an "effect" here on Earth. Instead, both planetary and earthly events happen simultaneously and are mutually reflective. Neither is the cause of the other; both are the product of the moment, one acted out in the heavens above, the other here on the Earth below. While astrologers don't feel that heavenly events are the cause of events here on Earth, they do feel that specific heavenly events are enacted here on the Earth too -- at the same moment. In other words, there is only one grand "play." The great drama enacted in the sky is also acted out (in exact detail) here on Earth in the same instant. Another way to say this is that the Earth is part of the cosmos and shares in that cosmic moment. Scientists have been discovering (for example) that sunspots, solar flares, and solar activity have a very definite (and almost immediate) effect here on
Earth. Astrologers tend to feel that all major cosmic events such as eclipses are interactive; they represent an activity also taking place within us and our consciousness. In summary, astrology is a study of heavenly cycles and cosmic events as they are reflected in our earthly environment and vice- versa -- a vast cosmic clock. Astrologers find the cosmic patterns revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets a great help in shedding light on the seeming helter-skelter of everyday life. Astrologers may have their heads in the heavens, but only to better guide their feet here on Earth. We hope you enjoy your reading. It has been calculated using sophisticated astronomical formulae to ensure high accuracy. On the next page you will find a list of the zodiac positions of your natal planets along with the house cusps for your birth moment.

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A message from Joely Smith - Help to raise money for Emma

Hello :)

I am raising money for... my daughter, Emma. She was born with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. She also has Type 1 also called Juvenile Diabetes. Emma has on going physical therapy needs, specialized equipment, diabetic specialists, neurologist, endocrinologist for her diabetes, has had to undergo colonoscopy and endoscopy for stomach issues related to her spasticity, requires daily insulin, insulin pump equipment, multiple medications and more. Currently we are preparing for her SDR surgery which is in another state. We will need funds for her co-pay as well as funds to stay in the same city and care for her needs afterwards.

The money collected will go towards...
1. Surgery Known as SDR Selective Dorsal Rhyzotomy which will release the tension caused by the spasticity so that Emma can be more functional, walk with more ease and have far less pain This surgery will improve her quality of life as she gets older as well.

2. A place for family to stay while Emma is in the hospital.

3. Travel expenses.

4. Care for our pets while away from home.

5. Insulin, Insulin Pump Supplies, on going physical therapy which will not be covered by insurance, insurance co-pays, chiropractic care, diabetic specialists, and all other necessary medical expenses which are on-going.

6. Specialized equipment from braces, shoe inserts, treadmill, stationary bike, stretching equipment, etc.

7. Family YMCA membership so Emma can use their pool for non invasive conditioning and strength development. A family membership allows my husband and myself to be able to go with her and assist her.

We realize there are many in need in the world and I waited a very long time to ask for assistance however with the economy, my daughter's on going expenses and needs, it is difficult to be able to make the income necessary to give her a viable life. I am in fear she will have failure to thrive if we do not get her the help she needs. I commend you for looking over the listings here and making donations where and when you can regardless of if for my family and my daughter or someone else's family. Thank you for your consideration.

With love,
Joely and Emma
Anyone helping Emma from this blog,
I will send you my Hawaiian Tarot/Guiding Cards
for FREE!!!


Update from Joely's blog: 

Its been awhile. I want to let my readers know I am still out here. A lot of things have happened since my last post and many positive changes. Due to this I also have been limited in the amount of time I have to blog. My daughter had spinal surgery for her cerebral palsy and so far we have had wonderful results. The surgery has reduced her pain significantly improving her quality of life. She has a long way to go with daily physical therapy for at least six months and continued physical therapy thereafter but it is worth it.

I am looking forward to blogging more in the coming weeks although I need to maintain my focus on the kids.

I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive toward us during this time.

I know often times many of us wonder if there is any good left in the world but I can tell you from my own experience there are still so many wonderful people out there willing to lend a hand, send their prayers, and listen when you are down. All you have to do is reach out.

Thank you to all my loyal friends, clients, and blog followers!

Love to each and every one of you and all those I hope to meet in the future!

Joely (Azzrian)

Please watch video from
Children's Miracle Network sucess story

Emma is continue doing
MUCH MUCH better now!


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Review by Bonnie Cehovet

HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

Author: Katalin E. Csikos
Artist: Katalin E. Csikos
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-61623-636-6

“At the beginning of time,
we were all highly evolved spiritual beings.
We lived our life in accordance to the sacred
template of Cosmic Law, which we fully honored
in thought word and deed. Gradually we became
intoxicated with the dream of separation and
ego identification, listening to the mind, a
collection of thoughts, and forgetting
the song of love and unity …”
from the book

I was drawn to this deck for many reasons. Csikos did not create a deck from a history book background, she created one from living history … from living on the land of Hawaii, and with the people of Hawaii. Out of her interest in and respect for Hawaiian culture and mythology “HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot” was born.

This deck has the same draw for me that the “Gaian Tarot” (by Joanna Powell Colbert)  does – it is based n the land and the people where the respective decks were created. “The Gaian Tarot” is based on the lands of the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up as a teenager, and where I have been living for the past fourteen years. “HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot” represents the five years that I lived in Hawaii when I was in my twenties.

This deck is a celebration of life and the “Aloha Spirit”. This is an all-pervasive spirit that I am reminded of every time I open my college newsletter (I graduated from the University of Hawaii). Csikos defines this spirit as the coordination of the True Self’s mind, heart and soul manifested by thinking good thoughts, emoting good feelings and sharing goodness with others. She goes on to say that Aloha must be experienced, that it brings each person to the Self.

Csikos goes on to talk about Hawaiian wisdom, and what Hawaii taught her. She moved to Hawaii to heal, and heal she did … on all levels. The ability to be healed is expressed clearly in this deck. This is a self-published deck and 108-page companion book. The deck is traditional in structure, with traditional titles for the Major Arcana. Strength is VIII, Justice is XI. The suits are Sticks  (Wands), Cups, Swords, and Lava Stones (Pentacles). The Court Cards are King, Queen, Warrior, and Boy.

The companion book includes a short history of the Tarot, along with how to take care of the cards, and how to do a reading. The cards themselves are presented in text only, with no images. There is a description of the cards eergy, a description of the scene portrayed, and upright and reversed divinatory meanings. The traditional Celtic Cross spread is presented at the end of the book.

For the King of Lava Stones, Csikos writes: “This card is the representation o the final fulfillment of a creative task, business venture, or an investment. A loyal and trustworthy man may be too methodical to gain complete success. In other cases it is the symbol of wealth. Wealth may come in the form of associates, money or knowledge. As a talisman, it is a symbol of luck. It also means wanting to make money, to be more successful, and/or to unite or reunite with someone.”

For the Star, Csikos writes: “The Star is the light of hope. Shining in the night in the darkness, the stars provide direction to sailors and present a field of dreams. People are used to looking up at the sky and having a desire to be there. Besides hope, there is mystery, filled with excitement of the knowledge yet to b discovered.”

This is a nature based deck. The box itself, and the cover for the companion book,  are done in warm earth tones. The cards are 3” by 4 ½”. The backs have a dark brown border, with a cream colored center. In the middle of the back, and fanning out on three sides, is a leafy palm tree. The backs are not reversible.

The card faces have dark brown borders on the top and bottom. For the Major Arcana, the card number in Roman numerals is at the top, with the card title at the bottom. For the Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards), the card number is in Roman numerals on the top (except for the Ace), the card number and suit along the bottom in text. The Court cards show the card title and suit along the bottom of the card. Along the right and left hand sides of the card we see primitive drawing in dark  brown against a cream background. Depicted are a turtle, what appears to be a gecko, and several images of humans in different poses. It gives a warm and “ancient” feel to the deck.

I dearly love the focus of the art in this deck – the land and the water carry much more import than the figures in the scenes, making use of intense color and nature itself to convey the necessary energy. It is hard to define which are my favorite cards – they all draw me in! Let’s start with the Wheel of Fortune – against a background of the Islands we see a circle of life – stick figures, plumeria flowers, an adorable gecko and more!

In the Boy of Sticks we see a lone figure strongly paddling his canoe over the blue waters.  The Queen of Swords shows a lone female figure seated, head on her knees, sword at her side, volcano in the background. The Four of Sticks shows lush greenery and beautiful red flowers surrounding a rushing waterfall.

The Two of Swords features a beautiful rainbow, while the Empress stand regally in her royal purple gown. The Emperor stands, wearing a gold cape and crown, staff in his left hand, surveying his lands. Death shows a quarter moon over blue water, upon which floats a plumeria lei. The Five of Sticks shows a barren, broken highway, while the Six of Sticks shows  a lush landscape with beautiful blue water in the background.

This deck is very much a coming home for me. The time that I spent in Hawaii filled me with good memories … memories that I will always have to fall back on. This deck is a great addition to any collection – a valuable tool for self-exploration, as well as a gentle deck to offer clients. Enjoy!

ONLY for $14.95

© September 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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Hawaiian Tarot That Will Enlighten and Inspire You by Thomas Tucker

As someone said to me earlier, everything happens for a reason, and usually in Mysterious Ways. What could be more mysterious than a story about Tarot? There are those that won’t have anything to do with it because of their belief that it’s “evil” or a part of the “darker side”, then there are those who believe so strongly that they are afraid of what may be revealed in a reading. No matter what you may think, there’s no denying their timeless controversy and the superstitions involved with them for thousands of years, and continues today. And yes, I’m a believer in the Power of the Tarot, but I don’t believe they are “evil” or a “dark, bad” thing. I always say a Prayer before each reading that they be blessed in the Name of All Good Things By All Great Good Spirits & Angels, including the Greatest One of All. The only thing I can think to say is going to make me sound like a cartoon Super Hero, but “I use them for the power of good, righteousness, and for the good of the people, because with great power comes great responsibility.” Something like that.

My Journey into Tarot began when I was 16, my 2nd Cousin gave me a rare early 1970′s Rider Waite deck which I have used ever since, and still have it this day. I am now 41 and have been reading cards for people on and off ever since, now going on 25 years of reading cards. I have had many decks and tried various versions, collecting and reselling throughout the years, but I never found anything that comes close to the classic Rider Waite Deck that I had come to know so well. I’ve always been drawn to the art and the style, though, of many different decks and some I’ve purchased for no other reason than the art and the “feeling” at the time. Some I still have, but never use; they are just keepsakes, “My Little Pretties”. The Rider Waite Deck is the one I still generally use the most, until I came across these gorgeous Hawaiian Tarot Cards in a tiny local gift store here in Ocean View that had just come in on consignment. I was blown away; I had never in my life seen a truly Hawaiian Tarot Card Deck. Well, me being the label/brand/UPC Checker/mpn compulsive freak that I am these days, I grabbed a box off the shelf and studied the back of the box to see where they might be coming from.

When I got home, I started digging on the net. If it’s on the net, I will find it, trust me, whatever it is, I will find it. If I can’t find it, it’s not on the net. It wasn’t long before I found the website of the artist, contacted her through email to find out if we could possibly meet to talk about her cards. To my great surprise, we live in the same neighborhood, about a 10 Minute drive from each other! We connected on Facebook, and got to know more about each other there. We shared many commonalities and beliefs, and I was eventually invited to a rare luncheon with her and her husband. They are very private and reclusive spiritual people, and when they invite someone over, it is truly an honor; it was for me, anyway.
We laughed, we lunched, we talked, we walked through her “Secret Garden”, and I could tell from the very first visit that both of them were going to be long lasting friends worth having and an honor to know. The Greatest Honor bestowed upon me was one day I was there on a return visit, and she gave me a Deck of her cards, with the book hand signed, in Honor of our Friendship.

I started doing some random draws and Interpretations just to get a feel for the cards and to test them out to see how they compared in readings. Whenever anyone gets a new deck they’ve never used before, it is recommended you do random draws and keep a journal to familiarize yourself more with the cards so eventually you won’t even need the book. I figured what better way to journalize it than on my Facebook Profile? A picture with a description right there. So that’s what I did, and there is where you will find much more detailed information. I got such strong, positive feedback on the results of just posting them in my photo album on Facebook that I am now the only official re-seller of these cards, other than the artist herself, after she saw how well I was able to interprate and comprehend them. I have always had an affinity for Tarot and Mystical, Magical, Fantasy things, and I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to share these absolutely uniquely unique HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot Cards, as interpreted by me, on a recent Full Moon Reading that I performed just recently, and I am amazed at the results. The first thing any serious Tarot Card reader needs for a reading is a Table of the Elements, or Elemental Altar Table of some kind with items to represent each of the four natural elements. For mine, I used several things which I feel really pulled in the energy. I used a flower in a cup of water to represent both air, water, and Life Energy.

I used a flower in a cup of water to represent both air, water, and Life Energy. My original Hippie Mojo Bag handed down to me from the sixties, a couple fossil rocks millions of years old, which are currently listed, by the way, a couple of polished stone pendants, Indian Arrowheads, and a Natural Blue Stone Heart, all to represent Earth elements, and of course a candle for fire. ”Before The Shuffle”.

This is My Prayer Blessing that I made up myself to ward off negative forces. I do a standard Prayer, too, in my own words

A Close-up of the Left Side of My Elemental Alter. Before the Shuffle. I’m Letting the Deck just sit and absorb energy from the Elements before I even begin.

A Close-up of the Right Side Before the Shuffle.

The Layout. This is a Three Card Power Spread. Judgement sits in the 1st Position, The Four of Cups in The 2nd Position, The Nine of Cups in The 3rd and Final Position.

A Close-Up of the Layout with each card in the position as drawn, all upright and a beautiful spread; that I knew immediately.
Card 1-Judgement-What Brought You to Now, The Past, and The Reason For Your Question
Card 2-The Four Of Cups-Recent Past, Present, or Currently Passing
Card 3-The Nine Of Cups-The Culmination of What was Revealed by the first two cards.

(Position 1-Things from the past, What Brought Me To Now, And The Reason For My Question)
Judgement is the final decision that allows for new growth. The concept of Judgement Day refers to a time when those in existence are brought into a new era. This change is one that is actively persuaded by your own actions rather than one that is trusted upon you.
Divinatory Meanings (Upright Position as drawn)
A change of position, Renewel, an outcome, total loss of lawsuit, forgiveness, rejuvenation, Spiritual Growth, Rebirth, change, caution, and carefulness.

Four of Cups (Position 2-Things in the Present, Recent Past, or Currently Passing)
The Four of Cups indicates a time of uncertainty and decision, a turning Inward to Find the Truth for which One is searching. The young man runs away from ALL. In this sense, he indicates the need to look deep into Self to discover the answers I seek. External Influences can be distracting and may not lead you to the goal you seek, even if those Influences purport to be of a Spiritual Nature. The young man is involved with the difficult process of individualization, which can only occur in the Solitude of his own Spirit.
Divinatory Meaning (In Upright Position as drawn)
Weariness, disappointment, tiredness, bad experience, sadness, unhappiness, a temporary period in Life. Keeping looking into Your Self.
The Nine Of Cups (Third Position-The Final Culmination)
The Nine Of Cups indicates good health and great success. There will be a situation that will provide for your best interests. Material gains could be part of your attainment as well as Emotional Support in Life. Your work will begin bright, then turn dark, and then bright again. Do not worry, after a slight retrograde, you will see material gain or a good Outcome. An emotional issue concerning the care or treatment of another will be discussed.
Divinatory Meaning (In Upright Position, as drawn)
Concord, Contentment, Victory, Success, Great Advantage, Material Gain, Good Health, Abundance, and Wealth.

Wanna Know what my question was? I have been concerned about signing up for new places to sell on, and stuff has been moving very slowly at Bonanza, but in the last week or so, I opened three more booths over there, each specializing in different types of products, and nothing yet has sold here at Addoway, but the “community” of friends and other merchants has a priceless value of it’s own, and I am sticking with it, especially after that very revealing, positive Full Moon Power Reading. I really don’t think the result could’ve been better, and amazing things are already starting to happen, but that is a story for another Wednesday. I am also now making video ads on Youtube, and I just finished one for these Tarot Cards. Some say it plays for them, and others say it doesn’t play. It plays fine for me, but I’m still working on it. Here’s a link to my Youtube Channel so you can see what I’ve been up to, and you can subscribe and follow me too! Tuckerstuff On Youtube, putting us on the net like never before. Aloha, guys and girls, Spirits and Beings, and Many Blessed Sales to All of U! I be seeing you real soon as I get back to listing, sharing, and networking with you. Thanks for reading and visiting.

Interview with the Artist of Hawaiian Tarot by Judika Illes

Q: Katalin, can you tell us a little about yourself,
about the journey that brought you from Hungary to Hawaii?

A: I was born and raised in Hungary, near Lake Balaton, which always reminded me of Hawaii since the age of 4, which is very odd since I could not have been there yet. Not in this life that is. As I would sit by the lake side, watching the sunsets, I had always thought of the other side of this planet, where the sun is rising at that very same moment. Even at such a young age, I explained this to my parents and that one day, I would be living in Hawai’i. I became a self taught artist, drawing and painting before I learned the alphabet. Shape and colour seemed to be more important than words to me at that time. Words, I would use later in stories and poems. As my interest in art continued alongside of my infatuation with Hawai’i, the two melded together and only furthered my desire to live there. After some time traveling and living in various places, the journey finally deposited me where I longed to be. It took a long time to prove I was right at such a young age but here such beauty with colour and shape in nature and elements is a living palate to take inspiration from. I am home now.

Q: What inspired you to create HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot?

A: My inspiration was brother "IZ" Israel Kamakawivo'ole, considered by many globally to be one of the top Hawaiian musicians, especially singers, in history. I had a dream in which I saw him sitting on the beach. He looked at me but said nothing while his eyes told all I needed to know. I was living in Hawai’i when he passed and I remember feeling great sorrow at the loss of such a wonderful musician and person. His songs still give me 'chicken skin' (goosebumps) and I feel the great love he held in his heart for the Hawaiian land and it's people. This compassion pushed me to try to ingrain this love he projected through my art upon a medium that would connect people and assist them with guidance in their lives. Reproducing the age old divination tool, the tarot, with motifs and inspiration from Hawai’i seemed more than appropriate since I myself have been favored by directional support through readings. It is also a comfortable match since early in the kingdoms unified history, the royal line of Kamehameha was itself enamored with European culture so this seems to be my natural response in return.

Q: Is there something in particular that you would like people to know about your beautiful cards?

A: I am just an artist who follows her inspirations and visions so I have no focused sales point to highlight. I created each card with an unfiltered compassion and desire in my heart from the love for Hawai'i that continues to wander through my spirit each day. It has been and is a grand and beautiful feeling when an artist is able to share their creations with others all over the world. Even more so for me when, as I suspect in some cases, it has been of value outside of an object of art and really provides assistance for people.

Q: What was your process? How long did it take to create these cards?

A: I created and painted the cards after I moved back to the mainland due to a restlessness that would not find itself at peace. It seems my spirit was still very adventurous and would have its way beyond any reason. The winter was extremely cold in the area I now found myself in and I was listening to brother "IZ" since his voice has always warmed my heart and brought my previous time in Hawai’i back into my minds eye.  After many years and at this winter time, I had the same dream with his calm and wise visage speaking to me. The next day I started to paint some Hawaiian landscapes in miniature from my memories. I was so inspired by this work I continued to paint with an almost possessed passion I have rarely experienced before. This body of work comprised most of the whole set and only empowered me further to complete my, until then, unknown task.  It was a time that I needed direction with what to do with my life. I felt lost and without a purpose. The process for painting each card seemed orchestrated by my memory and longing for peace so I trusted in this. I would envision an outline on the paint board and that would be the direction or instigation for the particular card the finished work would be. I applied my hands labor to the natural feeling that was being asked of me. Those are the pictures you see on the cards today. The painting work for the cards was basically completed in a little less than a year but the additional work the project took to produce a complete set, that would be available for the publics interest, would be another six. I was a simple artist, who thought painting would be the basic skill necessary for the project.  How mistaken I was and I suspect this is why so many creative people never peruse a wonderful idea to fruition. A major publishing company who handles material of this sort internationally was interested in my work, but their requirements sounded "too hard" for me, so I put the project on hold for years and almost forgot about it, until my husband pushed me into completing the work with the goal of self publishing it and finally offering it to the community at large. At that point I contacted Artful Dragon Press, and they were pleased to be working with me and take over in the professional printing aspects and provide their services as such. I had to learn the digital world of photo shop and so much more to make my work into something they could run through their presses. Many times I felt like I would need to abandon the project but at some point,
'you can never go home again'. -Thank you Mr. Wolfe. I finally realized that having assistance would require funding so we decided to take that proverbial leap of faith and invest the retirement fund into the fray. My husband said our retirement would be unhappy if I quit now and never saw the little dream grow up and live on in others lives. I was beyond nervous and yet most excited at the same time to keep pushing forward like this. Those 5000 units of this first print run took so much space in my mind, heart and our house that we made a joke about it. We do not live in a house but a warehouse! We are attempting to learn yet another skill in the long journey of this saga and that is the sales and marketing facet.   I am proud to say that they are now available, on my personal website, Amazon Market Place, New Leaf Distributing, Barnes and Noble, as well as some local gift and book stores here in Hawai’i and even as far abroad as Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and the mainland of the U.S. I would like to know that they are within easy availability for anyone who may wish to find them useful. If guidance can be found in this work , it is a journey I am pleased to have made, and the destination is still further on.

Q: One of the things that struck me when I first saw this deck was
the beauty of the floral imagery—clearly, you love flowers.
Can you tell us a little about this?

A: You are correct to mention that my use of landscapes and flowers is predominant within the deck of cards. And again, you are also correct in noticing my joy and love of flowers. The emotional affect such array of colours and variety of shape and form; all designed and presented through the hand of nature is beyond my words to describe.  I have been told that the love of this land and surrounding waters are very important for Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) and even so to the people living here in these islands. I too grew up watching my mother tending to her beautiful gardens. She has always been able to produce a beautiful garden whenever she has the space to do so. I continually tease her by referring to her as “The Garden Witch”. At present time, we are residing on a three acre parcel of and that the previous owners have built into a lovely garden with lots of colorful and blooming flowers that surrounds us. We have fondly titled it
'Ka Hale O Ka Māla Huna' or The House of the Secret Garden.

Q: Among the ways that HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot differs from a standard tarot deck is that, instead of a suit of pentacles or coins, there is a suit of lava stones. Can you explain this adaptation?

A: As an artist I have always tried to reinterpret my surroundings and produce images for others that are of that vision.  I believe Socrates made a profound statement that the human mind, considering the imagination, does not have the ability to create truly new ideas. That all the thoughts or fabrications from our mind are actually a recombination of material we have already stored into our memory. No face in your dream is unknown to you, only many facets amalgamated from the faces of people you have already seen. So as artists or creative thinkers, we all have to be conscious at creating to bring about work that is as original as can be interpreted by the present time and evolution of the people we are presenting the work to. With my vision of the cards and their imagery, I tried to use some elements that we can find here on the islands as substitutes of the traditional suits. So, I found that lava stones could be a good substitute for the suit of coins, especially the water rounded ones found in stream beds or certain shorelines.  I also like the thought that lava stones are made up with the elements from the Earth similar as metals and ores and in fact we find some lava that has trace matter of metal in them? As is with pre-monotheistic religions, elements of the Earth and nature therein contained, are very sacred, valued and well preserved in the classical culture of Hawai'i. It is also worth mentioning that a coin represents many aspects in societies that are not well, such as a system of monetary control and ultimately a form of slavery. We see what it has done to the U.S. and the poor working class that has become stripped of their power to direct those who construct their society and it is truly a sadness on this Earth. That is why I felt it better to use another symbol instead. As for the pentacle, some of us know better but many are still influenced by the ignorance of times best forgotten to the ages. Too many times the pentacle has been mistaken for a pentagram and all sorts of nonsense springs from the under fertile minds of those who have been cajoled into a mob mentality. Every little step into the light of new days dawning is preferred to an archaic back slide into deranged demagoguery.

Q: Which is your own favorite image or card?

A: I am fond of the whole set, of course, but I do have two favorites. "The Lovers” and “Death" seem to both have a deep connection to life, oddly enough, that at least in the case of death, it may be a little obtuse for people. I think that these two cards are very important in general to the tarot as well as major factors in peoples out look for their lives. We all need love on some level and hope to find ourselves with such a feeling.  The other feeling we all posses in our mind is the knowledge that we are physically finite and will need to come to terms one way or another with death. The great revelator will take his turn with everyone one day. We have to use our time wisely. Those two cards remind me that we have to learn and enjoy what we have today, if we fail to ignore the joy, the simple happiness,  then we can easy loose those pleasures quickly and they might never come back.    I think that in today's stressful life-styles most of us forget what is important. Most  people in this consumer driven society  keep running after money and what we are told it will do for us and in the meanwhile we are forgetting the connections with families, friends and even with total strangers that unseen to us, will be an importance on some level. Some of us only realize this when it's too late and nothing then can bring back what has been already lost.

Q: Instead of the Devil, HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot features
The Evil—can you explain this adaptation?

 A: In my mind it is too much an unreality, The Devil as a real entity is beyond reasonable but evil, unfortunately exists and is alive and well in almost every direction you look in today's world. The shadows in the corner of your vision are secret places where the darkness is impenetrable to our ego and its tender little lies. For the Kanaka Maoli, evil is present everywhere that Malahini (new arrivals) are intentionally disturbing, poisoning, and killing off the spirit of the a'ina(land) that has supported their illustrious cultural history. This is evil because it is a continual process here that is perpetuated by greed. It is even more upsetting when the original land is scrapped free of its mana (spiritual power) and then replaced with a corporate plastic version of classical cultural life for tourism.

Q: What inspired you to connect Pearl Harbor with the Five of Lava Stones?

A: I was born on December 7th (not in 1941) and all my life I had trouble finding my way, my direction, my place and peace of mind. The Five of Lave Stones exactly mirrors my life and it shows to me more shadows than reflections of light and indicates the cards aspects of struggle. When one entity struggles to posses more of a commodity, another struggles with less of that same commodity. Mankind has always seemed in a struggle against itself, each other and even the Earth. Always fighting to posses more of one item or another.  One day I woke up and went to Kalapana, to my favorite black sand beach. I was meditating and watching the oceans power, as I wondered, why money is so important? What can money give to us that we cannot give to each other and why has such a useless object such as a small piece of paper that has no writing surface left on it be really worth? Struggle and possession kept a dance of confusion in my mind. The feelings became strong and the sadness produced was overshadowing the beauty surrounding me.  This same feeling poured into me when I visited the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Why so many names connected to so many parents’ sons and daughters where on that wall? Because of mans struggle to posses. How that need was a catalyst to force a turn in the events of time that made such a moment dreadfully powerful. The infamy will be the greed and avarice that lay behind the Orwellian mechanizations that came to that day.
That loss and suffering due to the struggle held me to hope the
cards adaptation would be a proper allegory.

Q: I was happy to see Father Damien’s appearance in the Six of Swords
—could you discuss this a little?

A: Thank you for mentioning Saint (Father) Damien. He was a great man who sacrificed so much when he was alive and then the final Earthly act of sacrifice, all for people whose suffering was due to a disease everyone else feared beyond most, leprosy, which now we call Hansen’s Disease.  I always wanted to visit Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai. Luckily it happened before I completed my Tarot cards. It was the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever been to. Yet at the same time, the most painful place for me.  I had expected my heart and mind to be overwhelmed by sadness for the history is so abysmal and I am sure those thoughts where why I had tears come to me. What I was not expecting was how wonderfully simple and peaceful it was. I have been devouring books written by patients ever since and have been forever blessed to have had the joy of a visit. Even flying above the Kalaupapa peninsula, it felt like everyone's heart beat stopped for a moment aboard that tiny airplane. The morning sun rays radiated seemingly from within the world's highest sea cliffs and looking down we saw the most isolated place, where so many people had been exiled for the rest of their lives. I am in no way a traditionally religious person but if you forgive me, it was almost an epiphany to behold and a great love again was awoken in my heart and mind. Walking on the very same path that the patients with and without hope had trodden was something that I can not describe. A moment in time to travel amongst the work and words of Father Damien gave me more belief in mankind’s ability to turn from this dark course we are on than anything else since. It was a spiritual enlightenment, it was respectful in emotional weight and it was so quite and peaceful in a way I can not explain that again I feel joyous just to write and recollect the visit there. When we were leaving the peninsula, I was looking down once again to the deep, green valley and saw the tiny white church Father Damien built with his own hands and while it looked like a lonely, shiny peal in the shadows of the mountains, I also thought how those great green arms had held it safe and loved for so long. Father Damien was an extraordinary human being, how can I not include him in this homage to Hawai’i through my interpretation with tarot? My husband Has asked me to mention another man whom he has come to love and respect from that visit. Brother Joseph Dutton. I might add that many others where important to this history of hope, but Father Damien is beyond a doubt the shinning example of the gift of love and sacrifice.

Q: For me, the Queen of Swords card evoked the power of Pele
—was that your original intent?

A: Yes, that was my true intention. The goddess who devours the land also creates more. Both creator and destroyer, she who throws molten fountains of fire into the air also governs the great flows of lava.  Pele was a goddess of fire, lighting, dance, volcanoes and violence. She was also lonely, and heart-broken. In my painting she is still remembering her lost love. Carving a heart into the molten lava with her power and soul she mourns this loss. It evokes a similarity that sprang to mind concerning the steely strength of a queen and one of swords. Love and power come to be estranged to one another and tends to produce a melancholy that gone untended will bring a rage against the dying. We die each day love strays from our hearts. 

Q: Katalin, what are your plans for the future? Any future projects?

A: I do have other future projects lining up and in various stages of development, but I am always cautious not to influence a work before it has become stable and true. I can peak some interest by mentioning it is a subject of memory and loss of love. A documentary work that brings connection to life in form and the feelings left behind. Bear in mind all things in time and
I am still very much at work with this project. 
Aloha and Mahalo Judika for taking your time to talk with me. It has been a pleasure to share with you and your readers.

ONLY for $14.95

Paradise Shared by Sheri Harshberger

Self-published by Katalin E. Csikos,

ISBN: 978-1-61623-636-6

Katalin E. Csikos pays tribute to the Hawaiian culture, past and present, with her newly and self-published HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot.  The shrink-wrapped box is approximately 6 inches tall by a little over 4 inches wide by a little over an 1.5 inches thick, and accommodates both the deck and a 108-page companion book.

The deck structure follows the classic 78-card Tarot structure with 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.  The Majors are numbered with Roman Numerals and The Fool is 0.  Strength is VIII and Justice is XI.  The Minors are also numbered with Roman Numerals with the exception of the Courts, which aren't associated with numbers.  Most of the card titles of the Majors will be familiar to users of the Waite-Smith deck or clones of it.  The 15th card of the Majors, which is traditionally The Devil card is called The Evil in this deck.  The Courts in this deck are King, Queen, Warrior and Boy, with Warrior and Boy representing the traditional Knight and Page, respectively.  The suits of Wands and Pentacles (or Coins) are represented by Sticks and Lava Stones.
With dimensions of nearly 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, these cards are somewhat shorter and wider than a Waite-Smith deck.  The corners are rounded and the cards are flexible so they are comfortable to shuffle, but the cards have a glossy lamination that makes them a bit stiff (which I like).  The deck sits much taller than a Waite-Smith deck, which may be due the the lamination or card stock used.

Each card contains an image that is from a painting by the author.  The images are contained within a somewhat wide border (larger than .5 inches) that is very interesting in its own right.  The top and bottom border sides have a rich, dark woodgrain.  The top contains the card number, centered and and printed in yellow.  The bottom contains the card title, also centered and printed in yellow.  The left and right border sides are gold with four of eight native glyphs on each side.  The image on each card is centered and has a glow of color emanating from it into the border (which makes the borders seem smaller than they are).  The color of the glow varies.  The Majors have a green glow.  Sticks are orange, Cups are a cyan blue, Swords are red and Lava Stones are purple.  The back of the cards depict an image of palm tree being viewed from the ground up in browns and sepia.  The image looks like it is on old paper with worn edges sitting on a brown surface.  While the image itself is not reversible, the deck is intended to be used with reversals if the owner wishes, as the author has included reversed meanings for each card in the companion book.

The imagery used in this deck is beautiful and haunting.  The colors are striking.  Through her paintings, Ms. Csikos brings Hawaiian culture (pre-Caucasian encroachment and post) and Tarot culture together.  Looking through the deck, you see the Hawaiian people and their interaction with nature and their integration with the outside world.  We see the Hawaiian people, volcanic activity, oceans, tropical foliage, and buildings... all elevated to the same level so conflict and other interaction, feelings, etc., can be depicted by any combination of these things.  In The Hierophant card, the iconic white church is shown no longer white and being overwhelmed by the beautiful native vegetation. The Tower card shows the well-known Aloha Tower in Honolulu.  The Hanged Man showing a Hawaiian hanging from a white bridge.  In the Five of Sticks card, the conflict shown is between a road and a lava flow.  The cards show the history and evolution of the Hawaiian culture and spirit through diversity, with a return back to an eternal spiritual base.  There is a melancholia for what has been lost, but also an optimistic and powerful expectation for the future, all shared with a friendliness and openness that the islands have come to be known for.

The companion book is well done.  I hesitate to call it a "little white book" (LWB) because it is a professionally bound, small paperback book of 108 pages.  The first sections introduce the reader to the reasons Ms. Csikos decided to make a Hawaiian Tarot, the spirit of Hawaii, and some information on Tarot in general.  Most of the book is dedicated to providing individual card meanings for upright and reversals of the cards, including information on the landmarks depicted or other specific information when relevant. She also includes a Celtic Cross spread.

I'm always excited when Tarots appear that dare to challenge the traditionally European archetypes with archetypes relevant to the culture, people or region the Tarot is created to depict or share.  This deck is a great example of this.  I would recommend this deck to anyone looking for a deck somewhat outside the traditional Waite-Smith or clone deck.

All images copyrighted(c) by Katalin E. Csikos and used with permission.