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Hawaiian Tarot That Will Enlighten and Inspire You by Thomas Tucker

As someone said to me earlier, everything happens for a reason, and usually in Mysterious Ways. What could be more mysterious than a story about Tarot? There are those that won’t have anything to do with it because of their belief that it’s “evil” or a part of the “darker side”, then there are those who believe so strongly that they are afraid of what may be revealed in a reading. No matter what you may think, there’s no denying their timeless controversy and the superstitions involved with them for thousands of years, and continues today. And yes, I’m a believer in the Power of the Tarot, but I don’t believe they are “evil” or a “dark, bad” thing. I always say a Prayer before each reading that they be blessed in the Name of All Good Things By All Great Good Spirits & Angels, including the Greatest One of All. The only thing I can think to say is going to make me sound like a cartoon Super Hero, but “I use them for the power of good, righteousness, and for the good of the people, because with great power comes great responsibility.” Something like that.

My Journey into Tarot began when I was 16, my 2nd Cousin gave me a rare early 1970′s Rider Waite deck which I have used ever since, and still have it this day. I am now 41 and have been reading cards for people on and off ever since, now going on 25 years of reading cards. I have had many decks and tried various versions, collecting and reselling throughout the years, but I never found anything that comes close to the classic Rider Waite Deck that I had come to know so well. I’ve always been drawn to the art and the style, though, of many different decks and some I’ve purchased for no other reason than the art and the “feeling” at the time. Some I still have, but never use; they are just keepsakes, “My Little Pretties”. The Rider Waite Deck is the one I still generally use the most, until I came across these gorgeous Hawaiian Tarot Cards in a tiny local gift store here in Ocean View that had just come in on consignment. I was blown away; I had never in my life seen a truly Hawaiian Tarot Card Deck. Well, me being the label/brand/UPC Checker/mpn compulsive freak that I am these days, I grabbed a box off the shelf and studied the back of the box to see where they might be coming from.

When I got home, I started digging on the net. If it’s on the net, I will find it, trust me, whatever it is, I will find it. If I can’t find it, it’s not on the net. It wasn’t long before I found the website of the artist, contacted her through email to find out if we could possibly meet to talk about her cards. To my great surprise, we live in the same neighborhood, about a 10 Minute drive from each other! We connected on Facebook, and got to know more about each other there. We shared many commonalities and beliefs, and I was eventually invited to a rare luncheon with her and her husband. They are very private and reclusive spiritual people, and when they invite someone over, it is truly an honor; it was for me, anyway.
We laughed, we lunched, we talked, we walked through her “Secret Garden”, and I could tell from the very first visit that both of them were going to be long lasting friends worth having and an honor to know. The Greatest Honor bestowed upon me was one day I was there on a return visit, and she gave me a Deck of her cards, with the book hand signed, in Honor of our Friendship.

I started doing some random draws and Interpretations just to get a feel for the cards and to test them out to see how they compared in readings. Whenever anyone gets a new deck they’ve never used before, it is recommended you do random draws and keep a journal to familiarize yourself more with the cards so eventually you won’t even need the book. I figured what better way to journalize it than on my Facebook Profile? A picture with a description right there. So that’s what I did, and there is where you will find much more detailed information. I got such strong, positive feedback on the results of just posting them in my photo album on Facebook that I am now the only official re-seller of these cards, other than the artist herself, after she saw how well I was able to interprate and comprehend them. I have always had an affinity for Tarot and Mystical, Magical, Fantasy things, and I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to share these absolutely uniquely unique HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot Cards, as interpreted by me, on a recent Full Moon Reading that I performed just recently, and I am amazed at the results. The first thing any serious Tarot Card reader needs for a reading is a Table of the Elements, or Elemental Altar Table of some kind with items to represent each of the four natural elements. For mine, I used several things which I feel really pulled in the energy. I used a flower in a cup of water to represent both air, water, and Life Energy.

I used a flower in a cup of water to represent both air, water, and Life Energy. My original Hippie Mojo Bag handed down to me from the sixties, a couple fossil rocks millions of years old, which are currently listed, by the way, a couple of polished stone pendants, Indian Arrowheads, and a Natural Blue Stone Heart, all to represent Earth elements, and of course a candle for fire. ”Before The Shuffle”.

This is My Prayer Blessing that I made up myself to ward off negative forces. I do a standard Prayer, too, in my own words

A Close-up of the Left Side of My Elemental Alter. Before the Shuffle. I’m Letting the Deck just sit and absorb energy from the Elements before I even begin.

A Close-up of the Right Side Before the Shuffle.

The Layout. This is a Three Card Power Spread. Judgement sits in the 1st Position, The Four of Cups in The 2nd Position, The Nine of Cups in The 3rd and Final Position.

A Close-Up of the Layout with each card in the position as drawn, all upright and a beautiful spread; that I knew immediately.
Card 1-Judgement-What Brought You to Now, The Past, and The Reason For Your Question
Card 2-The Four Of Cups-Recent Past, Present, or Currently Passing
Card 3-The Nine Of Cups-The Culmination of What was Revealed by the first two cards.

(Position 1-Things from the past, What Brought Me To Now, And The Reason For My Question)
Judgement is the final decision that allows for new growth. The concept of Judgement Day refers to a time when those in existence are brought into a new era. This change is one that is actively persuaded by your own actions rather than one that is trusted upon you.
Divinatory Meanings (Upright Position as drawn)
A change of position, Renewel, an outcome, total loss of lawsuit, forgiveness, rejuvenation, Spiritual Growth, Rebirth, change, caution, and carefulness.

Four of Cups (Position 2-Things in the Present, Recent Past, or Currently Passing)
The Four of Cups indicates a time of uncertainty and decision, a turning Inward to Find the Truth for which One is searching. The young man runs away from ALL. In this sense, he indicates the need to look deep into Self to discover the answers I seek. External Influences can be distracting and may not lead you to the goal you seek, even if those Influences purport to be of a Spiritual Nature. The young man is involved with the difficult process of individualization, which can only occur in the Solitude of his own Spirit.
Divinatory Meaning (In Upright Position as drawn)
Weariness, disappointment, tiredness, bad experience, sadness, unhappiness, a temporary period in Life. Keeping looking into Your Self.
The Nine Of Cups (Third Position-The Final Culmination)
The Nine Of Cups indicates good health and great success. There will be a situation that will provide for your best interests. Material gains could be part of your attainment as well as Emotional Support in Life. Your work will begin bright, then turn dark, and then bright again. Do not worry, after a slight retrograde, you will see material gain or a good Outcome. An emotional issue concerning the care or treatment of another will be discussed.
Divinatory Meaning (In Upright Position, as drawn)
Concord, Contentment, Victory, Success, Great Advantage, Material Gain, Good Health, Abundance, and Wealth.

Wanna Know what my question was? I have been concerned about signing up for new places to sell on, and stuff has been moving very slowly at Bonanza, but in the last week or so, I opened three more booths over there, each specializing in different types of products, and nothing yet has sold here at Addoway, but the “community” of friends and other merchants has a priceless value of it’s own, and I am sticking with it, especially after that very revealing, positive Full Moon Power Reading. I really don’t think the result could’ve been better, and amazing things are already starting to happen, but that is a story for another Wednesday. I am also now making video ads on Youtube, and I just finished one for these Tarot Cards. Some say it plays for them, and others say it doesn’t play. It plays fine for me, but I’m still working on it. Here’s a link to my Youtube Channel so you can see what I’ve been up to, and you can subscribe and follow me too! Tuckerstuff On Youtube, putting us on the net like never before. Aloha, guys and girls, Spirits and Beings, and Many Blessed Sales to All of U! I be seeing you real soon as I get back to listing, sharing, and networking with you. Thanks for reading and visiting.

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