Monday, September 5, 2011

Hawaiian Tarot - Limited Edition 000-100 Hand-signed by the Artist

HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
Limted Edition!!!
Each book is hand-signed by the artist and numbered from



For ONLY $39.95

All the units has been blessed by the local Kahuna on the Big island of Hawai'i
Please read recent testimony from

Barnes and Nobles
"Saved My Life. Aloha and greetings folks. I say this deck of tarot cards saved my life and I am not stretching the trut on this one. No, it is not as dramatic as curing cancer but I was so excited to get the cards that I opened them up in the car and was going throuh them when I a horrid sound, that of an auto accident, snapped me out of my excitement. The car that left the post office at the same time I would have had just been mashed to an accordian like cube. If it wasn't for the cards, I would have been as bad as the poor fellow who was squished in his car. So in a way, the power of these little beauties saved my life. I have been in contact with the creator, author and artist of this set and se was very pleased in some way to have helped me. Since then we have had many conversations and I am delighted to say she is a wonderous soul and has self published these. I have the suspicion she has not been motivated by greed in producing these and more so has felt a great sense of honor if they help people with direction or even just bring a small joy to folks. She has made mention that this will probably be her only print run since she is not agressivley marketing these. I ordered two more direct from her site and requested she sign one for me so it would be even more collectable in the future. The other one will be kept sealed. As for my original set, I thought it would be good karma to gift it to someone I didn't know and hope my luck transferrs to them. Mahalo for your interest in her work since I wish it to be a continued satisfaction for her and others".
Mahalo and Thank You
for your interests!

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