Sunday, December 11, 2011

Me Ke Aloha No Na Holoholona - With Love For The Animals

"Every individual matters.
 Every individual has a role to play.
 Every individual makes a difference."

~Jane Goodall                                   

...I agree too as always when J.G. says something.. :) She is so beautiful inside and outside! I met her and we had a little chat. I hope I can meet her again. Why not... :) My hero. I feel now I really need to go to the jungle.
I'm working on it. That was my dream when I was a child.. an still is...
...she said in one of our chats...

Not just a pretty face,
but also a HUGE, loving heart
Gabriella Laczi was born in Budapest, Hungary. Born into an animal loving family in the 80's. She has a twin brother and a sister. Ever since she can remember they have had animals all over the house. The kids always brough home sick and negleted animals. This feeling never left Gabriella's heart. She started to volunteer at the Budapest Zoo at age of 14.       
Gabriella Laczi with her sibling
Budapest Zoo with Malvin the Tapir

She met her husband, Gabor Neumann at the Zoo, not in a cage but working there also. He was a student of Biological Control of Invasive Species at the university. She has traveled to many places with him and his work. In every new place and environment she has saved as many animals as she could from hunger, accidents, neglect and a multitude of untold troubles. Her passion is her love of the animals around her and is a constant guild for what she knows to be a righteous path. She's also a vegan. 

"Raise your voice for the voiceless (animals)! Speak up for them! Don't use them in any way (food, clothes, medicine, entertainment, products that use animal testing) and this cruelty will end! Only you can change their life! Don't be ignorant because this will continue if you just close your eyes and shut your mouth! Love the Nature and love all creatures that live in there! This is only one World for everybody! This is not just a human World!"


Gabriella Laczi with some rescued dogs, cats and chickens. Her comittment is limitless to those who need help, care and love.

the chicken
she rescued
Gabriella is fixing my
Hawaiian Pikake head lei
before our Kalapana Wedding
on July 07, 2011

Gabriella Laczi has lived in Hawaii more then 4 years where we met
and developed a friendship.

She was a bridesmaid at our wedding in Kalapana performed by the
honorable and beloved

Gabriella Laczi and I have this beautiful soul-sister bond and due to this
deep understanding of her heart and mind, I personally know that she can help more animals to change their lives in a positive way.  Her heart is big enough, her mind strong enough and only the opportunity is now to be taken. Just as her hero Jane Goodall, she is beautiful inside and out.

 Can you see the simularity of these two ladies?
on this photo: Jane Goodall


"I was beside myself with emotion to stand with my inspirational hero, 
Jane Goodall!"

While living in Hawai'i, 
Gabriella Laczi was helpfull to her husband while he worked to balance the natural environment, which she knew to be needed in helping the animals she found around her. On her own she also worked to help many animals but also found the moments
to just relax and have a great time in
our little paradise.

Her Hawaiian Wedding,
performed by
Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry


Helping her husband at the
Papaya forest

Met with Patrick Duffy

Feeding her chickens in Hawai'i

Signing my HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot for Gabriella

Currently (2013) Gabriella Laczi is on Christmas Island, Australia and has had a great opportunity working in their jungle doing field research at the
National Park service cataloging wild species.


Unfortunetly her term with the service was cut short due to a knee injruy sustained during the arduous work. She will be happy to entertain any new opportunities to further help our animal friends after a brief time spent home with family and friends to mend and strengthen.

In her free time she helps in cleaning up beaches
and shoreline around Christmas Island
of mans waste and debris. 

In Hungary we have a saying; "The Pepper is small but strong". So is Gabriella. I know that she will never give up her dream working with animals and especially, her ultimate goal,  primates, just as her hero Jane did. She had a chance to visited Malaysia and has had some close encounters with their primates. This has only fueled her desires to continue the dream.

If you feel like you would find value or personal satisfaction to support Gabriella's dream, please feel free to do so.
Thank you and Mahalo for your support!

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"Looking to the future with friends is the only path worth traveling.
Traveling that path with love is the only future worth sharing with those friends".