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Little bit about me - artist/illustrator/author of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant
and has forgotten the gift".
-Albert Einstein

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt and was different. I would tell things to people and to my family that they didn't want to hear or believe. In time, then I gave them reasons to believe...

Where do I begin my story? How do I express my feelings towards my life by using the right terms? The right words? The right emotions? I grew up in the 70's, the last "normal era" in these crazy societies. Just a few feet away from Lake Balaton, a small tourist town called Siofok in the country of Hungary. Even at an early age I was connected with nature, animals and older people. I always paid attention to what was going on around me and inside of me. Many times I felt like helping my older neighbor, who was semi-disabled. He would go shopping, limping and wincing due to his painful condition. In all seasons; rain or shine and which ever way the winds blew, while his spoiled wife stayed at home in her fancy silk nightgown. I felt disgusted by her and did not wish to help her to eat, but always ran to this poor gentleman to help carry his heavy groceries home none the less... my heart commanded it so.

The more I paid attention to the world around me, the more I felt I was able to understand other people and animals. Their feelings, emotions or thoughts I understood without them giving me a word or sound. The more time I spent outdoors, the more I felt like hugging trees or just lay on the fresh grass or snow or dry autumn leaves... I didn't mind when my clothes got dirty. I went through the mud and rain, just to see my neighbor dog or horse give birth. I didn't mind to get cold in the winter. I would go outside to play snow fight with the guys or would climb trees in the spring and summer time. I was always able to feel my mother's pain even if she was great at concealing it from us children. I saw her sadness many times in my life and I always
tried to help her or others.

One day my Mother picked me up from school and we passed by a curious black cat. I was standing outside the fence and was drawn to that cat. My Mother tried to pull me away, but I was too stubborn to be moved. I guess she was superstitious  at the time and asked me not to look into that cats eyes... but I did and felt like the cat had told me something like my Grandfather had died. I told this to my Mother and she kept saying that cat's do not talk and that was a silly thing to say. When we got home, there was a telegram waiting for us at the door. I was watching my Mom's face while she was reading the green telegram. Her face suddenly became sad and her eyes were tearing. I knew what happened and I didn't even have to ask her. 

 I loved that Grandfather... He was tall and strong with white hair and a big Hungarian mustache. He had a great sense of humor and I always loved his stories. When Grandma annoyed him, I knew that I could always find him behind the house on his favorite bench, with his pipe in his mouth. I lost three grandparents in that year. Grandpa Samuel was in The Great War - WWI and  then WWII .

Grandpa Samuel 1917

At about the age of thirteen, I was diagnosed got Juvenile Arthritis. The hospital became my second home. I was not able to finish my schooling with the other kids, so my Mother hired some home teachers to help me keep up with the other kids. I was tested and graduated one day with two years of classes compressed into a short and painful time period. People continued to feel sorrow for me and I always told them, don't be and smiled when I said this. It is a Gift and because of this, I was able to pay more attention to what I needed to learn to develop my intuitions for this life time. I was able to spend more time with my family, friends or with myself. It gave me hopes, inspirations and creativity.

One day we had to go back to the hospital, just for a visit or a test which was scheduled in a different city two hours away from us. We were supposed to take a bus, but in that morning I told my Mother that we are NOT going! She did not understand why, and I was not able to explain it to her. We had a whole day of fighting about missing this appointment but then that evening we learned from the News that the exact bus we were to take had an accident and everyone died on board. My Mother looked at me and couldn't say anything in response to my prediction. I remained silent and I went back to my room to read my book. Even as a child I was not interested in reading Snow White, Cinderella or any such fairy tales. I was deeply interested in the Universe,  Space, the planets and the stars. I had some Alien encounters as early as the age of five and it continued until my late 30's. Sometimes I would just sit back and enjoy watching humans behavior. Unfortunately, most of them (the Humans), still don't see or understand many things. Most of them are still running after money and keep forgetting the most important things in their lives...

Since the early 90's I started to read more and more esoteric, and new age books but then I found out that most of this knowledge was already understood by me instinctively. It seems that nothing is new to me to read anymore, only new ways that people have been phrasing this information. All those books were just a re-freshmen in my memories... but what memories? When I started to learn of my incarnations after incarnations, I started to understand the further purpose of my life. They started to make sense to me... especially when thinking of  "silly" childish talks as when I told to my Mother that I missed my black Nanny or that I remembered  much nicer sunsets over  the Nile river or an accident of a teenage girl and on and on... In this life, I was able to search some of my recent lives memories and I was able to talk to people who knew what had happened, so at least I know that was NOT my imaginations.


One of my witch friends had suggested to write a book about my "Timeline of my Soul", but I refused to. I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I didn't want to be different... then some Spirits had appealed to me. They had left their physical bodies and wished to give me some message. As soon as I would bring these things up, people would start to look at me like I was crazy or something... so I was NOT able to deliver the messages to those who needed to knew something the spirits wished to impart. I felt horrible and made up in my mind that they were just NOT ready yet.

Grandma Julianna

Mom Zsuzsanna
My Daughter Susan

I heard once from somewhere, if you really want to find out who you are, first you need to go back in time (females), before your first period ever has started. That time frame and that person is who you are. For me, a nature and animal loving little girl with great intuitions. Who dares not to hug a tree or gives thanks for a beautiful flower before picking them. A little girl who was not afraid to say that the Virgin Mary was impregnated by Aliens or start a fight with her history teacher who said that the slaves built the Pyramids in Egypt, how impossible. I was laughed at for giving my opinion to the teacher so I left the class as everyone in it stood in silence, shocked.

Some people call themselves pagan, a witch or a psychic... I simply feel that I am connected somehow and want to help others and also the animals of this Earth. I became extremely environmental and eco-friendly minded and hate watching people waste energy and resources as they become greedy for the last profits and crumbs. Any time I start a Spell I do not need much of a guide, I just naturally know what to do and how to handle some situations. People were asking me for Spells for their needs and so far things turned out great! I even believe that my Mother knew this too, but she's always refused to talk about it, even if she was one of us too. I do believe that everyone has these intuitions, they just need to learn all over again how to use them in a good, humble and honest way.

As I managed my life and continued to learn and grow, I ended up living in Hawai'i. This is surprising since when I was four years old I told to my Mother, that I will live in Hawaii one day. Growing up in a Communist country, we only had two TV channels to watch, and there was no way I heard anything about that far away land. While living here I've got more connected with nature and with the "Source". I started casting more Spells and they turned out just fine. More Spirits started to visit me and they were connecting with me. For example, my recent visitor was my husband's Father. I've never had a chance to meet him. He passed away and two days after, my coffee maker started to make coffee at midnight. We double checked that the machine was functioning properly and it was not programmed to automatically start making coffee. I was very tired and refused to talk with the old guy... but in the next morning I apologized and light some white candles and asked him to come over but not too late... so he came and I saw him in his Navy uniform which I was unaware he was in the service. Then I asked my husband and he said yes, he was in a Navy.

I always feel happy and comfortable when Spirits are connecting with me and try to say something directly.
I've had many experiences and I would like to have more.

I created this blog to those who have interest in any kinds of metaphysical topics, spells, etc... We can arraigned the Best for you and your perceived needs. Be open and honest with me and most important, you have to be ready! Now, you have to know, that money or selling my skills is NOT a driving force in my life and I do believe if someone is trying to make profit of these intuitions they could loose them in the future. That's why I only accept donations of what you wish to provide. Please, if you have questions or if you are trying to figure out something that troubles you, feel comfortable to contact me.

Thank you and Mahalo!
Katalin E. Csikos-Gould

Sittin' and Knittin' Part I. 2012

I was missing the 4 seasons, so we decided to buy an old farm in the north of the country away from the tropical weather for a while (still dual-residency). While sitting in my favorite chair, my old passion/hobby has came back to me. I realized that I want to knit again. I LOVE knitting. In the past, I have knitted many sweaters for people, dogs and cats, even scarfs, hats and other goodies. My latest pride is a Tarot Bag knitted with Hemp. I macramé each bead into the draw cords separately for style. So far I have only this one and if people like it, I might make more...

So, lets give it a try. I am offering this Tarot Bag for you and you can even get my HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot with it!
ONLY for $25.00
-1 Knitted Tarot Bag
-1 HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot Set

Other hand knitted creations
by Katalin

I knitted a lot's of sweaters for my daughter,
for myself and for my pets...

My daughter's custom-made sweater.
It was her idea, I created it
First cable knitting sweater
and other man sweater.
Made with 'LionBrand-Homespun'
CeeCee, our cat just LOVE her sweaters.   
She feels safe and warm waring them.
This green sweater is NOT available

Button got a new sweater for Christmas as well.
Button is our friend's 6 years old doggie 


'Red Devil' This red sweater is NOT available!
It made for CeeCee, but I can make it for you very soft...
-Made with 'Red Heart-Plush Yarn'


A very cute dog/cat sweater
'Mocha' - AVAILABLE for ONLY $25.00 with S&H


A: Diameter at neck: 6.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 9.5 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 7-7.5 in.
E: Length of back: 13 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase
CeeCee is my BEST model.
She loves those cozy "things" on her


'Baby Blue/Baby Pink' ONE or BOTH

A: Diameter at neck: 6.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 10 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 7-8.5 in.
E: Length of back: 12.5 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase

'Dark Red/Baby Pink'
AVAILABLE for ONLY $25.00 with S&H

A: Diameter at neck: 5.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 9.5 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 8 in.
E: Length of back: 13 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase

'Dark Blue/Baby Blue'
AVAILABLE for ONLY $25.00 with S&H
A: Diameter at neck: 5.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 9.5 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 8 in.
E: Length of back: 13 in.
See pull down menu below for purchase

'Red/Black-Shaggy Shimmer'   SOLD
AVAILABLE for ONLY $25.00 with S&H
Made with 'Sundance-Shaggy Shimmer'

A: Diameter at neck: 4 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 9 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 6 in.
E: Length of back: 9 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase


'Peach Flowers'   SOLD

Made with 'Lion Brand-Homespun'

A: Diameter at neck: 5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3.5-4 in.
C: Length of belly: 8 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 8 in.
E: Length of back: 13 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase



'Tim Burton's Angel Hair'

Made with 'Angel Hair and Lion Brand-Homespun'


A: Diameter at neck: 6.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 4-4.5 in.
C: Length of belly: 6 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 14 in.
E: Length of back: 13.5-14 in.

See pull down menu below for purchase

''Sweaterdouch' - AVAILABLE for ONLY $25.00 with S&H
Here for your personal pets enjoyment,
we are offering a new design in luxury.
Just like being a sweaterdouche in the 80's for the preppy,
this sweater for your kitty/doggie has a warm full knit back
that mock ties arounf the neck and buttons on the sides.
Side buttons are functional if need be.
Used double yarns 'Baby Blue' and 'Baby Pink' Plus 'Red Heart-Plush'. Very Warm and comfortable!
A: Diameter at neck: 5-6 in. flexible
Diameter at sleeve: N/A
Length of belly: 10-11 in.
Width of shoulders: 8 in.
Length of back: 13.5 in.




Measuring your pet(s)
Hi Katalin,
I tried to send the following message via gmail and got blocked!
So I'm formally sending it through the "legal" avenues.
I apologize that I never had a chance t
o formally thank you for the lovely sweater. I'm a physician and had to take my boards around the time it started getting sweater weather for my pups, things were a bit chaotic. So I just wanted to send you a picture of your work on my pet. My dogs are famously squirrelly around the camera so this is the best I could do. I finally got some time off and took my pup to Sedona with me. I just wanted to let you know that he got many compliments in his adorable duds. Thanks for your beautiful work.
Many people asked if I made it his sweater, I made sure to give credit where credit was due! I wouldn't even pretend to know how to knit sweaters this cool. My boy loves his cozy sweater.
Thanks again.
All the best,
Marie from Sedona

If you have any question(s)
please feel free to contact me

You will get one FREE set of
HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
with your order

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Thank you and Mahalo for your interests!