Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turtle Queen - One of My Best Birthday (2008) - Photo by Susan K. Nagy

 happened in 2008, but it was one of my BEST Birthday. My husband and my daughter took me to Kona to my favorite beach on Kekaha Kai State Park. Many people loved the photos I posted on my Facebook, so I decided to make a short blog about it and share. 

Getting there from Kona further north, located near the first parking lot, is a chained off service road. Following the road less than a quarter mile leads to the second section of Mahaiula beach. Though only separated by a walkable lava rock divide, this part is tucked into the bay of the coastline. Clear water show little rocks as the waves lap up on sandy white sand, a rare treat on the shores of the Big Island. Many days, turtles use the hot sandy beach to bask in the sun and play in the secluded cove of the bay. Further down the beach sits an old abandon red house, which plays as a good marker for the path, Ala Kahakai, to the second beach and continued, for 4.5 miles will eventually lead to Kua Bay.

It was a warm, lazy Sunday morning, just spending time on laying on the white sand and do nothing...absolutly nothing... While resting on the sand, sea turtles gathered around me and resting with me on the hot sand. Now, you know, why I call this birthday one of my BEST one!

So, if you decide to visit this beach there is a chance you might see some sea turtles. There's also will be a chance that the Park Ranger yell at you that you are too close to them. :) So just prepare and be respectful!