Friday, November 2, 2012

Spreading 'Aloha' where ever I go!

I have these recurring dreams about running
on top of water.... It is so much fun!
I wonder what does it means?

Good to have some pcycic friends...

Joanne Matthew: You are simulating surfing on the Hawaii Five-0 wave thinking about your deck being on national television!

Katalin E Csikos-Gould: But even before the Hawaii Five-0, I had these kind of dreams and it always felt good and was fun! LOL
learning to not be weighed down by your emotions, but rise above them!

Christiana C. Gaudet: You are learning to not be weighed down by your emotions, but rise above them!
Katalin E Csikos-Gould: Wow, Christiana C. Gaudet, that's sounds great and it is definately, me at this time....

Gloria Connolly: Water means abundance, and walking on it means triumph and success.

Thomas Tucker Jr: I actually checked a couple of my dream books here, and found something very interesting: "The water in your dream could symbolize alert and sudden changes. Projecting yourself running on water suggests that there may be something in your life that you don't feel you are for and could be creating anxiety." Were you wet from the water or running on it dry?
Katalin E Csikos-Gould: Thanks Thomas! Actually only my feet were wet, and it was the ocean or lake, but not running water. It always fun dreams though...
Thomas Tucker Jr: "If your crossing the ocean water with ease, it means that you show a great ability to experience freedom and independence." I think it is a sign that things will work out fine, but you will still be anxious until things settle down again.

Katalin E Csikos-Gould: Oh, that is so true Thomas. I am very anxious. I've got zero sleep last night!
Thomas Tucker Jr: If this dream is recurring, I think you can relax a little and take it as a sign that things will be well!

Katalin E Csikos-Gould: It is recurring and I always like to have this dream. Feels good and feels happy to run on water. I know, that things will be fine... but it will be a big change!

So it turned out that the dream was a good sign. After that dream I went to the pool and was floading on the water naked and free. I said my prayers and thanked to God and to the Universe that we were given a great opportunity living in Hawai'i, learned so much, I grow every day. In the distance I smelled the fragrance of the cannabis plant that I call; Da Healing Plants and I felt free and happy. Something was telling me; it will be all right. Never felt so happy and free in my life. After all we were relocated from my beloved island of Hawai'i to the North side of the United States. (Still ra esident of Hawai'i though) We brough a cute, old farm house and planning for our quite, retired life there.

"Today was a Special Sacred Day because you were
here and can enjoy Sacred Nature with me,
I am Honoured to share all my
Healing with you Forevermore"!


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