Monday, November 18, 2013

Do Mine Eyes Decieve Me - Game - Win FREE set

Since the time of offering the
to the world at large I  have kept a little secret
and no one has ever found out.

Out of all the cards in the set,
both major and minor arcane,
I painted a diptych or two panel painting.
Actually I painted them separate but with the intent of it it being so.
That being said enough time has elapsed that
I doubt anyone will notice so I thought it would make a great opportunity to devise another promotional activity.
Having said that here is the scenario.
The first two people, since it is a diptych,
that write to me and inform me of the two correct cards,
will receive a FREE set of signed
After the second person wins,
I will then post the two cards
for everyone to see.
All you have to do is contact me through e-mail
 and let me know your guess.

Thank you and Mahalo for your interests