Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sittin' and Knittin' Part II. 2013


Welcome to Part II. of Sittin' and Knittin'!

Did I mention to you that winter is cool and we are lovin' it?

Last year I knitted a bunch of warm and cozy sweaters for some lucky and loved "fur-kids".
This year I've already completed several commissioned sweaters.

Below is the one for Herman "The Hairless Kitty". His owner brought one of the pre-made sweaters on eBay.  Then she found out that Herman does not like his belly covered. So she wrote me and asked me if I could knit one that covers only his chest. She sent me couple of photos of Herman and he is a handsome kitty. She sent the measurements too. Now Herman is happy and warm this winter and not so ashamed of being different. BUT I love them, furry or not. SO thank you Herman and never change!

I started knitting with a very soft yarn I found called  'Angel Hair'. it is very warm and soft for the delicate little bodies like Herman has. They are little angels anyway so let them have their yarn.

Herman's owner was so pleased she wrote twice to express their happiness for Herman...


   It is beautiful and we are very excited! It looks super soft and warm. My son cannot believe you could knit it so fast when I have been knitting a scarf for him for over a year. lol. Thank you so much for your kindness to a total stranger. You didn't have to go out of your way to make something special for our little Herman but even with Christmas looming around the corner, you did this for our family. Your kindness will not be forgotten.
Peace to you and yours now and always,


Hi, yes, it came yesterday and it is wonderful! Thank you so much. It fits him perfectly and it is amazingly soft and warm yarn. Here are a few photos. You are welcome to use them to show off your talent. I cannot believe you made this so fast. Herman is much more comfortable in this new fitted  sweater.
Thank you again,
Valerie and Herman

I have to include another happy customer just 'cause I rarely get to boast:

I apologize that I never had a chance to formally thank you for the lovely sweater. I'm a physician and had to take my boards around the time it started getting sweater weather for my pups, things were a bit chaotic. So I just wanted to send you a picture of your work on my pet. My dogs are famously squirrelly around the camera so this is the best I could do. I finally got some time off and took my pup to Sedona with me. I just wanted to let you know that he got many compliments in his adorable duds.
Thanks for your beautiful work.
Many people asked if I made it his sweater, I made sure to give credit where credit was due! I wouldn't even pretend to know how to knit sweaters this cool. My boy loves his cozy sweater.
Thanks again.
All the best,

Pet's and their Owner's
Hand Knitted Matching
doggie/kitty Sweater
with Hat for the Owner
This delightful set of hand made knit is for both pet and parent of said pet. A striking sweater of grey and orange with the grey in a ribbed pattern an the orange running at odds with that.
Suited for the stouter doggie, like a bulldog, the sweater has shorter leg lengths and set wider apart.
The chest is shorter with a wider girth and a draw cord to help the little tubby snug it to his no-neck.

For the owner who may look like the portly little fellow in the sweater, the hat is a similar design but flexible is style.
A cross between a cap, beret and a Rasta bag, it has the ability to do as you wish. There is a small hole at the top with a matching draw cord so a ponytail can be protruding.
Which will also allow the hat to double as a chicken cozy!
(Hat has never been on a chicken, or other animal before, hahaha)
A: Diameter at neck: 5-6 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 2-3 in.
C: Length of belly: 6-7 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 8-9 in.
E: Length of back: 13-14 in.
Dia 6 in (flexible)
Length: 9 in
Click HERE: Available on eBay:


Remember, nothing can make me more sad, when your pets are not comfortable in their sweater. So, please measure them carefully. Make them and yourself happy to know that they feel cozy and warm in it. I feel responsible for their comfort.

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Have a pleasant holiday seasons!