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Promoting my favorite book - Dreams 1-2-3 - This book is a GREAT reminder of what you already know

This review is from Amazon by me
Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams (Paperback)
by J.M. DeBord

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by
dreams and always wondered if they meant something.

  This interest has never left me and now as an adult,

I continue look for answers I know are already inside me.
Then one day I was listening Coast to Coast AM radio show and the show was about Dream Symbolism & Analysis with Mr. J.M. DeBord. I was so impressed that the next day

I ordered his book Dreams 1-2-3.

  This book is an awesome study guild. It is written as something simple and beautiful and that is why this helps people to be able to understand their dreams with the ease of a gentle beginings. Before one can learn to walk,
one must crawl.

  The easy instructions to remembering dreams worked for me like a charm. In few days I was able to remember my dreams and not just the actions or the feelings of it but also tiny details that I had never took seriously before and paid no attention to them. Shapes and colors, numbers and patterns, all the little clues became more interesting and clear in my dreams.

  I visited his blog on and posted one of my recurring dreams on the board. In no time Mr. DeBord replied and offered an interpretation that made the repetition clear to me. I had found him on Facebook as well and he accepted me as friend. He said he does not usually accept such invitations from strangers, but since I've studied tarot he would take the chance, so I felt honored in some way. We have great conversations online and he has helped me to interpret my other old recurring dreams.
I keep dreaming with more clarity and depth and this has invigorated me to remember more and more. One of my latest dreams felt like an alert for a potential health issue concerned about my husband’s blood-pressure and
I collaborated my suspicions with Mr. DeBord. It seems he has taught me well and I was right about the interpretation. He said; “Yeah, your interpretation is right on.
You're learning!”

A couple of days ago a friend told me that he has recurring dreams about flying. I told him that he wants to go somewhere, and he should be confident about doing just that. Actually he is “ready” to retire but not so confident about it at this time. He was smiling at me gently when
I told him something that he already knew. The very emotion behind that smile meant he too knew this.

  It is so exciting to be working with my “newly” found, old passion. I am compelled to, with no reservations, recommend Dreams 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBord to anyone who is looking for self-improvement, answers or just wanting to understand more about their mind and heart.
You may even realize the potential you that might not have known was in you.

  I have to repeat one of Jason's important lines from the book because I do agree both in philosophy
and life practice...

Dreams 1-2-3 shows you how to live your dreams in the literal sense and gives tips, advice, and many examples to learn from. Reading it could be the first step to making your dreams come true”!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Giving is Blessings! - FREE offer


The holidays are over and we are starting a New Year. Blessing be to you all.

Yep, it is 2014 already and I made a promise to myself.
I guess that we can call it a new year's resolution to give away as many sets as possible in the Spirit of Generosity.
Anything I can do to facilitate a joy in those who wish to provide my
HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot 
to those in turn who wish to utilize them makes me happy. More so it is the right thing to do.
Thus I continue to contact as many managers or sales representatives of business, stores or shops of the ilk that would help to disseminate this gift I give from heart.
Surprisingly some of them reacted with distrust, mechanical mind sets or outright bitterness.
I was wondering, Why?
Then I found out that their businesses weren't going so well. The proprietors did not have enough sales so they had to raise prices on whatever they were providing. They found themselves trapped in the payment slavery system most would run from. It made me beyond sad because all I could see was greed and profit making mentality constraints on someone who should know better, ruining a service to those in a community that could learn, evolve and teach all of us to move into a positive future.
Thankfully I have never suffered from this affliction of intelligence. The "Greed-Disease" that is going to hasten or deflect our real reasons for being in this density must be removed from our collective conscience.
I give thanks to all who have helped me to come to this decision. Succor, benedictions, peace and life in love to you all.
Having stated this I then checked what I was actually offering on my site. 

 "Affordable wholesale prices to those whose willing to carry my decks. My goal was to place my unique decks to One Good Store per State.

Wholesale Offers:
  $5/ea. with an order up 32
  $6/ea. with an order up 16
$7/ea. with an order up 8
Please contact me
IF you need more then 32 units at the time."

After this offer, I woke up one morning with an idea paramount in my minds eye,
that I was to give away
for FREE, just like that.
All that the people who need or wish for one have to do is pay the shipping expenses.
I  have many interests that lead to this decision and it feels good to be giving.
I am running my 3rd offer now as such and people love it. This proudness such good feelings in me that my decks may be going to surprise some people in hospital rooms, college dorms, to a pet communicator etc. that I have come to think of them as "Healing Decks", because that's what they are.
Just as someone reviewed once;

"It feels like a very quiet, spiritual deck...........almost like
I need to whisper while I have it in my hands."


"I felt this a very nature based deck.
This would be perfect for people who are nervous of having a reading with traditional cards.
To me the artwork is simplistic, childlike, wistful, warm, full of Summer breezes, healing & calming. In short a lovely soft naïve style of artwork & overall feel of love for this island,
it’s people & their history.
My thoughts are that this is a healing, peaceful deck.
Even the harsher cards have a feel of Mother Earth in action.
The ‘Evil” card (traditional Devil) is based on

pollution and the destruction caused by humans to our planet.
I found this to be a very potent card in imagery, possibly more so than the traditional Devil card.
The Hanged Man – suspended by a bungee cord.
The Tower – Lightening Strikes (no people falling to their death)
Death – A simple floral wreath floating on the ocean in the moonlight.
Justice – Who reminds me of a happy canteen lady waiting to serve me my just desserts."

~By KazAzz

So far I've received one negative reaction to my cards since they have been published. (2010)
Oddly enough it was from my own blood-sister and I hope it was personal and not due to the actual cards.
She said that is black-magic and she burned them in fire. 
In quick succession her life become so troubled that her foolish actions and misunderstanding about these
Healing Cards purposes' have pushed me to attempt this offering more and more. And pray that the Universe provides her with another opportunity to move into the light. 
~by the creator of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
 All you need to do is send me the shipping cost(s) where ever you may live and then later on leave a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads etc.... any place of your choice that may help to disseminate the offer.

US shipping is $6.00,
If you like this offer,
please send me e-mail with your request

This offer is ONLY available
to US Domestic Shipping for $6.00
If you are outside of USA, please contact me
and then I will let you know your shipping cost.

Okay, let's get back to my story... lot's of people were amazed: " For real, you're GIVING AWAY your beautiful deck???" "Why do you rid off them?" My answer is; I am not rid off them. I love giving because it feels good and like making people happy. I still selling them of course, and if you really need to pay me, just use the "Donate" button either on this Blog or on my website
When I created HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot,
I felt a little bit differently then I currently do.
I was hopeless and penniless but full of soul searching energy. I thought if I can create and print my Hawaiian Tarot cards, then I can at least buy a home and settle down. Money had never driven me or my actions before so
I felt shame at my thoughts that a spiritual creation
I had would be positioned as a income generating machine. I had even felt disgusted with people who held greed as a emotional compass and drive to acquire. I always thought money was simply something that could be used as a tool to achieve happiness. The hording of money itself was not important it was what it could do for you. All my life
I wanted to roam the wild world to see people and their culture and just come to know this planet a little bit better. Reading my old diaries I realized that I always had been a freedom loving bird. Flying far and wide to see and enjoy the world, facing into the wind.
Then I would go home to my little nest and rest.

Somehow and much to my surprise the Universe helped me to have my home without reaching the goal of selling most of the Tarot decks. Just the strength to go through with the arduous task and bring the vision to those who might have an interest has seemed enough to bestowed upon me this great gift. I feel so very lucky and blessed in my life to finally have a home. So, I want you to feel the same and if you would like to have some of my Tarot decks let me know. I have plenty to give in the hopes of honoring this wonder of life's mysteries but I only ask that you refrain from the temptation to attempt a greedy profit.
My wish is that by you putting your own dream in a small way into this project to disseminate them further,
you may also be blessed.

Thank you and Mahalo for your interest!

Review of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot - by First Earth Tarot

Artist Katalin Csikos has created a deck called HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot, a labor of true love and dedication based on her deep connection to the Hawaiian islands, their culture and legacy. She recently offered the deck to readers on a Facebook site for free, and I signed up - how am I going to say no to a free deck?? It arrived in two days, beautifully packaged, with a well-bound book and a box of 78 cards.

The cards are sturdy, and remind me of the finish of the
Mary-El Tarot - a tiny bit sticky in their shiny gloss, but fine to work with, all the same. The backs are not technically reversible as they feature a sepia-ish photo of a palm tree, but it was subtle enough not to be an issue for me (which is important to mention, as I use reversals and tend to prefer reversible backs!). In fact I love the backs - they are a cream-and-brown that reminds me of cocoa butter and is rather soothing!

The artwork is very much what I would consider "naïve art," aka folk art, in style. This is not "fine art", it's not a feat of advanced technical skills. It's the product of true love, and the beauty lies in its rough edges and imperfections. It feels like a love-letter to the Hawaiian islands.  The Minors are mostly pips in that the 8 of Cups shows eight cups in a row in font of a lush landscape, but the colors are rich. I thought at first that the relatively small paintings and the pips might make for a challenging intuitive read, but that proved to be an erroneous assumption. I did a reading last night for myself using this deck and fell in love! You really never know how much you like a deck until you read with it, and this was just another example of that…..

I made up a spur-of-the-moment spread: My Strength - My Lesson - My Advice
I decided to do this because I feel like I have a lot of positive things happening in my life right now, but along with it there are always challenges, and I wanted some insights into all this lovely chaos.

I pulled the Boy of Lava Stones, the Moon, and the King of Lava Stones:

HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
Katalin Csikos

I was really stunned by how beautifully the imagery flowed, the symmetry, the symbolism, and it really was a very intuitive read after all. Let me discuss a bit of what struck me:

Boy of Lava Stones (My Strength): This is about opportunity that remains vibrant even in the dark of night when the moon of mystery and uncertainty shines above. It's interesting that my Lesson is also the Moon, and look how the palm branches shield me from it - it's there, it's present, it's an important part of the environment, but it's not overwhelming or overpowering the scene. This card represents opportunity that can be harnessed and developed and nurtured and grown. The bird reminds me of the heron (thought I am pretty sure it's not supposed to be one), bridging water and earth, intuition and practicality, which is interesting because in this reading water (the Moon) bridges two earth cards. The heron automatically connects me to the King of Vessels in the
Wildwood Tarot
, which simultaneously brings aspects of the Mirror - reflection, self-analysis, sacrifice, and connection to purpose and past lives. I know, it's a lot, but that's what happens… images create layers of meaning that make for a deeply rich reading, and that's what this deck has sparked for me.

Moon (My Lesson): This card is about not letting worry and fear own me; instead using it to fuel my creative energy. It's about mastering my intuition and opening myself up to the depths of my soul and my spirit connection to the universe. I think it's interesting that there are lava stones on the sand by this water, which reminds me that I can "put feet" under my intuition. Fear and illusion are often associated with the Moon, but I also see that fear can stem from misunderstanding our own intuitive power, and that's interesting because I've been in the process lately of learning not to shy away from my inner voice, but to trust in it, and embrace it, and dive deeply into it, to bathe myself in it. The Lava Stones are a way for me to then ground my intuition in the world (and I think a good example of how that is done is through card readings, incidentally!).

King of Lava Stones (My Advice): I appreciate the earthiness of this card, and I myself am an earth sign, so it feels fitting. And yet the image brings so clearly to me the image, once again, of the King of Vessels/Heron (perhaps because both images show a figure poised upright in water). This King stands like the Heron in water, the ocean, and the brightness of the daylight brings the idea that the moon (my Lesson) reflects the light of sun, and that difficulties and challenges are only temporary. This is a King of earth and water-  he can harness the fluid energy and give it shape. This reminds me of the need to acknowledge that power in myself and tap into that ability to manifest what is needed in my life. It's an optimistic card - it's about being ready and prepared to do what needs to be done, that through practicality, steadfastness, patience, and commitment to my Strength, I can be master of my material environment.

Whew! It was a beautiful and really intense reading, and endeared the Hawaiian Tarot to my heart due to how strongly it engaged my intuition and how profoundly it spoke to me. I look forward to using it more!
by First Earth Tarot

It's like taking a magical vacation even though it's a Cleveland Winter! - by Paul A. Hanczaryk

I really really like this deck! It is beautiful.
It's a 78 card deck with paintings from Katalin's experience in, on, and from Hawaii.

 Some of the majors in the deck are historical, and show actual people, buildings, and places from Hawaii's rich history.

 The court cards are Boy, Warrior...
Queen, King. The minors are all painted as pips, with beautiful landscape scenes from Hawaii.
In the companion book Katalin shares why she created Hawaiian tarot, some of her personal Hawaiian experience, what Aloha Spirit means, and more importantly what it taught her. The book goes on to explain a bit of what the tarot is.

 The companion book then explains some of the paintings on the cards, and gives a more traditional meaning for each card. The book also includes a lesson on tarot spreads near the end.

 They are a beautiful a work of art. Maybe not for a beginner...maybe? ...but for the experienced reader and the collector, absolutely. It's like taking a magical vacation even though it's a Cleveland Winter!
Well done Katalin!

HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot - by TarotAnn

As I begin this review, the first “real” snow in several years is falling (and actually accumulating!) and being someone who loves summer, it seems perfectly natural to be reviewing a beautiful Hawaiian themed deck. The first thing that stands out to me about this deck is the superb quality of the printing and packaging of the deck, especially for such a friendly priced deck. The kit comes in a small outer box containing a 106 page book and a smaller box containing the deck itself. The cards themselves very high quality, thick plastic cardstock with very vibrant colors which shuffle easily and do not seem to get distorted. Each image in the deck is centered and surrounded by a large border with 8 Hawaiian symbols and icons. All of the image in the deck were hand painted by the creator based on her experiences living on the island. All of the cards contain bright painted images in a thick border containing various Hawaiian symbols and motifs.
Many readers choose to skip reading the “Little White Book” that comes with new decks, or in this case, the gorgeously bound mini-book, but that would be a mistake in this case. I particularly loved the introduction where the author discusses the concept of Aloha and island life. One of my favorite aspects of this deck is the author’s descriptions of the people, circumstances, and events depicted on the card and how they relate to life in Hawaii, Hawaiian culture and history. Most major arcana descriptions have a paragraph of the more “traditional” tarot meanings, and a second paragraph explaining the Hawaiian ties on the image. For example, the Hierophant card displays a “little blue church” that is a famous historical landmark in Kailua-Kona.

The Hierophant, HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
The Hierophant, HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot


My personal favorite card in the major arcana is the chariot, which depicts a woman swimming with two majestic dolphins.

The Chariot, HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot

The Chariot, HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

In the minor arcana, the traditional suits of wands and pentacles have been renamed sticks and lava stone, respectively. The pip cards are semi-illustrated, with beautiful scenery and the element represented depicted, however the court cards, labeled Boy, Warrior, Queen and King, display people. Again, the accompanying text is essential as the representation on each card is eloquently explained by the writer. The meanings assigned appear to be loosely Rider-Waite based, although the cards do not depict the typical symbols and associations found in other Rider-Waite compatibles and clones. However, the vivid imagery and thoroughness of the author’s accompanying text should not be overly challenging to beginners. This would also be a good deck to use if reading for clients at a theme party or for daily meditation in cold weather if you want to be warm.

Another totally fun fact about this deck: It was featured on the TV show Hawaii 5-0 episode “Popilika”- how cool is that?

What do you think of HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot?
Let me know in the comments!
by TarotAnn
Deck: HazelMoons Hawaiian Tarot
Edition: 1st
Creator(s): Katalin E. Csikos
Where to Buy/Contact:

A beautiful lush set of tarot cards - By KazAzz

On receiving this deck I was struck by the packaging.
Very well packaged & presented. The deck arrived from across the ocean in perfect condition ...

The deck consists of 78 cards & the little white book.
The deck is based on the traditional Rider Waite Tarot.
The cards also come packaged in their own smaller box, keeping them nice & protected during their voyage.

The cards themselves are nicely laminated which enhances the artwork.
They were a little sticky with some cards stuck together but came apart easily with gentle coaxing.
The cards have rounded corners & for me, a perfect size for shuffling.

The backs have a beautiful sepia coloured palm tree illustration.
This may make reversals an issue for some people.
The cards have a wood like border with native glyphs down both sides. The colours used are very gentle and have an overall look of soft lighting ie late afternoon.
I felt this a very nature based deck.
This would be perfect for people who are nervous of having a reading with traditional cards.

To me the artwork is simplistic, childlike, wistful, warm, full of Summer breezes, healing & calming. In short a lovely soft naïve style of artwork & overall feel of love for this island, it’s people & their history.

My thoughts are that this is a healing, peaceful deck.
Even the harsher cards have a feel of Mother Earth in action.

The ‘Evil” card (traditional Devil) is based on pollution and the destruction caused by humans to our planet.
I found this to be a very potent card in imagery, possibly more so than the traditional Devil card.

The Hanged Man – suspended by a bungee cord.

The Tower – Lightening Strikes
(no people falling to their death)

Death – A simple floral wreath floating on the ocean in the moonlight.

Justice – Who reminds me of a happy canteen lady waiting to serve me my just desserts.

Rather than the impartial stern façade of the RWS.

I feel some of the cards would be a little hard to intuit without the benefit of prior knowledge of the Rider Waite Tarot or the little white book.
Some of the cards are very similar particularly the Suit of Sticks.
Generally, an ‘active’ aggressive suit, this Hawaiian “Sticks” suit is more nature based.
The only people illustrated in the Sticks suit were the court cards.
The majority of the minors artwork is nature based.

The little white book is a good size.
Includes meanings, keywords & some interesting history of Hawaii.
The images are a little hard to see all the details.

Overall I did like this deck very much and I would recommend this to people who have an understanding of the RWS system.

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The future of health has arrived - Promoting Dr. Carolyn Dean's work

In the past I have promoted artists and stores in Hawai'i. Now I feel I must promote Dr. Carolyn Dean, who is a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor (M.D. & N.D.) as well. She is living in Maui and has 40 years of studies pertaining to the deficiency of Magnesium and how important it is to our overall health. I have just read her book and wow is all I can say as my mind digests all she has to say on the subject.  I was amazed how little we know about our own health and sometimes how basic it is through our nutritional intake. I had never considered or even suspected that I could be Magnesium deficient until I was reading her massive litany of symptoms that might be attributed to such a deficiency. I strongly recommend you invest a moment of your time into also considering what her life's work has revealed. Chances are you won't regret it and it might just help you to make the right choice for your health and happiness.

Was Thomas Edison Talking About Dr. Dean?

Thomas Edison said: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Today’s media repeats Edison’s words calling Carolyn Dean the Doctor of the Future.

Natural Health Made Easy
Slow Down Aging... Increase Energy... Outsmart Disease

When your body is strong, attractive and full of energy you automatically feel better about yourself. You're more confident and able to face the challenges of day-to-day life. Like a well kept automobile, when you look after your body it takes you where you want to go in life. You're more productive at work. You're able to be of greater service to your family, your community, your church, your friends, your country.

When you take care of your body, you're also taking care of your mind and your soul. You are able to concentrate. You can focus on tasks without getting bored. Your work becomes merely play with a purpose. You are able to progress spiritually without physical illness getting in the way.

Just between you and me… in 2009 I turned 60. Yet I feel healthier than when I was 40. I'm boogie boarding in the Pacific each day for the first time in my life. I moved to the exotic island of Maui. I'm writing books and working on the internet.

I don't say this to brag… but to show you that I'm living proof that you're not too old, too stubborn or too far-gone to be experiencing better health.

That's why (back when I was still 59) I began my Completement Now! Total Wellness Program. I wanted to show people, step-by-step, how to adopt the type of natural health lifestyle that I believe the doctors of the future will prescribe for their patients.

~Carolyn Dean MD ND, The Doctor of the Future

Why am I doing this? I've read Dr. Carolyn Dean's book about The Magnesium Miracle, and I was amazed. Her studies really are MIRACLES. I recommend her book or Wellness Program to anyone. You have to find out yourself and you know

what? You are doing the right things for yourself and for your loved ones. 

Are you Magnesium-deficient? 
95% of Americans are.

Here’s what you can do. 
Print up several copies of this page and put a big check mark by your magnesium deficiency factors. 
Start taking magnesium. In a few weeks pull out a fresh sheet and mark it up. 
Compare both. If you still have many symptoms remaining, increase your magnesium.

READ "The Magnesium Miracle"
You wont regret it!
You did the right thing for your health!

Also, please consider taking advantages of
Dr. Dean's Wellness Program.
Click here to sign up or simply learn more about it.

Let me know how you feel!
Healthy IS beautiful!