Thursday, February 20, 2014

Promoting my favorite book - Dreams 1-2-3 - This book is a GREAT reminder of what you already know

This review is from Amazon by me
Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams (Paperback)
by J.M. DeBord

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by
dreams and always wondered if they meant something.

  This interest has never left me and now as an adult,

I continue look for answers I know are already inside me.
Then one day I was listening Coast to Coast AM radio show and the show was about Dream Symbolism & Analysis with Mr. J.M. DeBord. I was so impressed that the next day

I ordered his book Dreams 1-2-3.

  This book is an awesome study guild. It is written as something simple and beautiful and that is why this helps people to be able to understand their dreams with the ease of a gentle beginings. Before one can learn to walk,
one must crawl.

  The easy instructions to remembering dreams worked for me like a charm. In few days I was able to remember my dreams and not just the actions or the feelings of it but also tiny details that I had never took seriously before and paid no attention to them. Shapes and colors, numbers and patterns, all the little clues became more interesting and clear in my dreams.

  I visited his blog on and posted one of my recurring dreams on the board. In no time Mr. DeBord replied and offered an interpretation that made the repetition clear to me. I had found him on Facebook as well and he accepted me as friend. He said he does not usually accept such invitations from strangers, but since I've studied tarot he would take the chance, so I felt honored in some way. We have great conversations online and he has helped me to interpret my other old recurring dreams.
I keep dreaming with more clarity and depth and this has invigorated me to remember more and more. One of my latest dreams felt like an alert for a potential health issue concerned about my husband’s blood-pressure and
I collaborated my suspicions with Mr. DeBord. It seems he has taught me well and I was right about the interpretation. He said; “Yeah, your interpretation is right on.
You're learning!”

A couple of days ago a friend told me that he has recurring dreams about flying. I told him that he wants to go somewhere, and he should be confident about doing just that. Actually he is “ready” to retire but not so confident about it at this time. He was smiling at me gently when
I told him something that he already knew. The very emotion behind that smile meant he too knew this.

  It is so exciting to be working with my “newly” found, old passion. I am compelled to, with no reservations, recommend Dreams 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBord to anyone who is looking for self-improvement, answers or just wanting to understand more about their mind and heart.
You may even realize the potential you that might not have known was in you.

  I have to repeat one of Jason's important lines from the book because I do agree both in philosophy
and life practice...

Dreams 1-2-3 shows you how to live your dreams in the literal sense and gives tips, advice, and many examples to learn from. Reading it could be the first step to making your dreams come true”!