Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello 2015

Yep, it is 2015 and I made a promise to myself.
I guess that we can call it a new year's resolution to give away as many sets as possible in the Spirit of Generosity.
Anything I can do to facilitate a joy in those who wish to provide my

HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot 

to those in turn who wish to utilize them makes me happy. More so it is the right thing to do.
Thankfully I have never suffered from the "Greed-Disease" that is going to hasten or deflect our real reasons for being in this density must be removed from our collective conscience.

I give thanks to all who have helped me to come to this decision. Succor, benedictions, peace and life in love to you all.

Having stated this I then checked what I was actually offering on my site. 

 "Affordable wholesale prices to those whose willing to carry my decks. My goal was to place my unique decks to One Good Store per State.
Please contact me
IF you need more then 32 units at the time.

After this offer, I woke up one morning with an idea paramount in my minds eye,
that I was to give away
for FREE, just like that.
All that the people who need or wish for one have to do is pay the shipping expenses.
I  have many interests that lead to this decision and it feels good to be giving.
I am running my 3rd offer now as such and people love it. This proudness such good feelings in me that my decks may be going to surprise some people in hospital rooms, college dorms, to a pet communicator etc. that I have come to think of them as "Healing Decks", because that's what they are.
Just as someone reviewed once;

"It feels like a very quiet, spiritual deck...........almost like
I need to whisper while I have it in my hands."


"I felt this a very nature based deck.
This would be perfect for people who are nervous of having a reading with traditional cards.
To me the artwork is simplistic, childlike, wistful, warm, full of Summer breezes, healing & calming. In short a lovely soft naïve style of artwork & overall feel of love for this island,
it’s people & their history.
My thoughts are that this is a healing, peaceful deck.
Even the harsher cards have a feel of Mother Earth in action.
The ‘Evil” card (traditional Devil) is based on

pollution and the destruction caused by humans to our planet.
I found this to be a very potent card in imagery, possibly more so than the traditional Devil card.
The Hanged Man – suspended by a bungee cord.
The Tower – Lightening Strikes (no people falling to their death)
Death – A simple floral wreath floating on the ocean in the moonlight.
Justice – Who reminds me of a happy canteen lady waiting to serve me my just desserts."

~By KazAzz

So far I've received 1-2 negative reaction to my cards since they have been published. (2010)
One of them oddly enough it was from my own blood-sister and I hope it was personal and not due to the actual cards.
She said that is black-magic and she burned them in fire. 
In quick succession her life become so troubled that her foolish actions and misunderstanding about these
Healing Cards purposes' have pushed me to attempt this offering more and more. And pray that the Universe provides her with another opportunity to move into the light. 
~by the creator of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot
 All you need to do is send me the shipping cost(s)

US shipping is $6.00,
If you like this offer,
please send me e-mail with your request

This offer is ONLY available
to US Domestic Shipping for $6.00
If you are outside of USA, please contact me
and then I will let you know your shipping cost.

Okay, let's get back to my story... lot's of people were amazed: " For real, you're GIVING AWAY your beautiful deck???" "Why do you rid off them?" My answer is; I am not rid off them. I love giving because it feels good and like making people happy. I still selling them of course, and if you really need to pay me, just use the "Donate" button either on this Blog or on my website
When I created HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot,
I felt a little bit differently then I currently do.
I was hopeless and penniless but full of soul searching energy. I thought if I can create and print my Hawaiian Tarot cards, then I can at least buy a home and settle down. Money had never driven me or my actions before so
I felt shame at my thoughts that a spiritual creation
I had would be positioned as a income generating machine. I had even felt disgusted with people who held greed as a emotional compass and drive to acquire. I always thought money was simply something that could be used as a tool to achieve happiness. The hording of money itself was not important it was what it could do for you. All my life
I wanted to roam the wild world to see people and their culture and just come to know this planet a little bit better. Reading my old diaries I realized that I always had been a freedom loving bird. Flying far and wide to see and enjoy the world, facing into the wind.
Then I would go home to my little nest and rest.

Somehow and much to my surprise the Universe helped me to have my home without reaching the goal of selling most of the Tarot decks. Just the strength to go through with the arduous task and bring the vision to those who might have an interest has seemed enough to bestowed upon me this great gift. I feel so very lucky and blessed in my life to finally have a home. So, I want you to feel the same and if you would like to have some of my Tarot decks let me know. I have plenty to give in the hopes of honoring this wonder of life's mysteries but I only ask that you refrain from the temptation to attempt a greedy profit.
My wish is that by you putting your own dream in a small way into this project to disseminate them further,
you may also be blessed.

Thank you and Mahalo for your interest!