Monday, May 4, 2015

Tarot Pink - Five of Coints - by Katalin E. Csikos

Support a Collaborative Tarot deck created by sixty noted artists to benefit Breast Cancer Research
This is one of my card that I've created 
to the project.

Five of Coins

You may feel alone, destitute or even beyond hope but you have the capacity to change that. Reach beyond limitations and don't fear asking for help and healing. Have faith in yourself and initiate actions and energies into the universe for changes are possible. You don’t have to do everything on your own but to propel the static from stagnation to reverberation and the sphere of life will respond. Remind yourself of the reality that all is finite and our troubles will be fleeting and ineffectual to our true being. Stay mindful that we are all connected and singularity is the bond of life. Resolution and faith in presence are powerful internal energies that will draw other influences to us. External blessings will come in multitudes of form and we give acceptance with serenity.

Classical depictions for this card seem ambivalent to the reader but do contain several meaningful symbols. With my interpretation and positive healing application, the color palate and interaction of the subjects have been brightened as well as a few symbols have been modified.

The coins have been produced as bubbles, which represent our spiritual being or hopes. Fragile from a single pressure but ultimately one of the most sacred and secure designs. Graceful, ethereal and almost magical in a soft flight of fancy that brings us closer to our balance within nature, the whimsical delight, the bubble and our universal sphere. When hopes and dreams are dashed like short-lived bubbles, don’t give up. Create new ones! As a bubble maker you strive to create a bubble that will be bigger and last longer. Take that same determination and apply it to your life’s goals. This then freed up the stained glass window for the double dragonfly motif. Metamorphosis, omnidirectional in flight and the ability to refract light through prismatic wings as well as iridescent bodies has endeared the dragonfly to many ancient cultures globally who prescribed magic and mysticism upon it.
Creativity and artistic endeavors are instigated
by its light and playful nature.

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Tarot Pink - The Hermit - by Katalin E. Csikos

Support a Collaborative Tarot deck created by sixty noted artists to benefit Breast Cancer Research
This is one of my card that I've created 
to the project.
The Hermit

The Hermit searches for answers to internal questions, seeking greater understanding and wisdom, wanting the truth at all cost and comfort.
 Sedona, the landscape of red spires and mesas, has become a true melting pot of many different peoples and faiths. Perhaps enticed by the idea of experiencing a vortex, energy field or by the stunning beauty of Sedona’s red rocks, people have come from all over the world and brought their spiritual backgrounds with them to share with others who are on a healing path. The result of this is that Sedona now contains an abundance of areas which people use as tools or focal points for spiritual exploration, for their own healing process or just to foster inner peace all grafted together in a universal spirituality.

The sacred healing hand may be one of the oldest symbols known to be used in spiritual practices. Reflected in the natural world, the spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth, death, thus all of these components combine to create the whole of Mother Earth and cosmos, a living entity. It is a symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. The hand represents the creative power of the Divine Feminine. Together, they can bring awakening and healing to the self and the world!

The Hermit is holding a travelers staff with an entwining snake carving on it. As a spirit animal or totem, the snake has always represented knowledge and wisdom. One of the oldest symbols uses the snake eating its own tail in a circle symbolizing the earth womb and continuality. A traditional symbol of healing and compassionate care that western medicine uses to this day promoting education and positive aspects as opposed to evil.

The controversial and still artificially forbidden ancient universal plant Cannabis is depicted prominently in the image connecting the spiritual plane to the terrestrial. An anamorphic healing plant that most past cultures and societies have respected through the ages of antiquity and now being rediscovered in truth helping to heal and enlighten.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pink Tarot - Press Release: Tarot Steps Up For Cancer Awareness!

Press Release: The release has been sent to: San Francisco Chronicle; Tarot... Visions; Menage a Tarot; Bonnie Cehovet Blog; Biddie Tarot; This Game of Thrones; Beth Owl's Daughter Blog; Christiana Gaudet Blog; Ginny Hunt Blog; Donnaleigh de LaRosa Blog; Tarot by Arwen; Inner Whispers; Attune Magazine; The Tarot Lady; TABI Tracker; Courtney Weber Blog; Amy Zerner/Monty Farber Blog; The real value and leverage is getting the word out about Tarot Pink for Cancer to all corners of the planet.

                     Tarot Steps Up For Cancer Awareness!

The Tarot community has come together to create Tarot Pink For Cancer, a collaborative Tarot deck to support breast cancer research.

Westport, Connecticut, April 28th, 2015 – Sixty renowned Tarot artists have come together to take on the challenge of funding breast cancer research. Under the sponsorship of WizardToo, the publisher of the Tarot eCards App, they have created a special collaborative Tarot deck to be used as a tool of inspiration, empowerment, and support in the wellness journey for those dealing with breast cancer. The project for this noteworthy cause is multi-faceted, including a full 78 card Tarot deck, a Tarot Pink app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, along with the ability to simply donate. The project is being funded through an Indiegogo campaign and preorders for the deck or App, or donations to the cause can be made at:

Tarot is a healing tool that offers insight and perspective on the challenges that we are facing. For those dealing with breast cancer, this deck offers inspirational images and messages created by each artist to embody the healing theme underlying the deck. The sixty artists are the creative power behind several hundred published Tarot decks and books, and recognized with over a dozen Top Ten titles among them. The deck is a beautifully rendered collection of inspirational images created by Tarot's best talents,

with a special message of empowerment and healing.

Under the sponsorship of WizardToo, the publisher of the Tarot eCards App will issue both a Tarot Pink for Cancer Mobile App and a printed Tarot deck. The Tarot Pink App will be released for both the Apple iPad and iPhone, and Android devices in July. The Tarot Pink for Cancer deck will be published in September, in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). Tarot eCards is committed to make this an important outreach to the world community to show how Tarot can be an effective empowerment and inspirational tool in the fight against breast cancer. Support this noteworthy cause by preordering this special deck or App, or to make a donation at: And help spread the word by telling your friends about the Tarot Pink for Cancer project.

Ronald Leong, Managing Director
WizardToo, LLC

Phone: 203-984-7180

Creators and Project Team:
Alison Stone, Andi Todaro, Andrew Kyle McGregor, Anissa Morello, Arnell Ando, Ash Goh, Barbara St. Jacques, Benebell Wen, Beth Seilonen, Bob Greyvenstein, Carrie Paris, Casey DuHamel, Chanel Bayless, Cheryl Fair, Chris Ernest Paradis, Ciro Marchetti, Diane Brandt-Wilkes, Donnaleigh de LaRose, Elizabeth Hazel, Emily Carding, Erik Dunne, Eric K. Lerner, Erika McGinnis, Gaby Merman, Gina Theis, Gordana Curgus, Heather Mendel, HeeWon Sohn, Isha Lerner, J.r. Rivera, James Battersby, James Ricklef, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jason Ng, Jeffery Donato, Jill Scott, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Jonathan Saiz, Katalin Csikos-Gould, Katherine Skaggs, Kathleen Ryan Anderson, Katrina Wynne, Kenjii Liu, Kris Waldherr, Lee Bradford, Lisa de St. Croix, Major Tom Schick, Margaret Letzkus, Marie Roberts, Marie White, Mary Greer, Mary Griffin, Mellissae Lucia, Michelle Jackson, Pamela Steele, Paula Millet, Rhonda Delaune Welch, Robert Place, Ron Leong, Roxi Sim, Stacy Bergener, Sue Silva

Special Contributors:
Anita Perez, Astrid Amadori, Bonnie Cehovet, Christiana Gaudet, James Wells, Jenna Matlin, Jennifer Lucero-Earle, Judyth Sult, Kendra Hurteau, Kooch Daniels, Kristine Gorman, Nadine Bernadette Roberts, Nancy Antenucci, Prudence Theriault, RuthAnn Amberstone, Sasha Graham, Sheila Hiite, Thomas Michael Caldwell, Toni Gilbert, Wald Amberstone

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