Monday, May 4, 2015

Tarot Pink - Five of Coints - by Katalin E. Csikos

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Five of Coins

You may feel alone, destitute or even beyond hope but you have the capacity to change that. Reach beyond limitations and don't fear asking for help and healing. Have faith in yourself and initiate actions and energies into the universe for changes are possible. You don’t have to do everything on your own but to propel the static from stagnation to reverberation and the sphere of life will respond. Remind yourself of the reality that all is finite and our troubles will be fleeting and ineffectual to our true being. Stay mindful that we are all connected and singularity is the bond of life. Resolution and faith in presence are powerful internal energies that will draw other influences to us. External blessings will come in multitudes of form and we give acceptance with serenity.

Classical depictions for this card seem ambivalent to the reader but do contain several meaningful symbols. With my interpretation and positive healing application, the color palate and interaction of the subjects have been brightened as well as a few symbols have been modified.

The coins have been produced as bubbles, which represent our spiritual being or hopes. Fragile from a single pressure but ultimately one of the most sacred and secure designs. Graceful, ethereal and almost magical in a soft flight of fancy that brings us closer to our balance within nature, the whimsical delight, the bubble and our universal sphere. When hopes and dreams are dashed like short-lived bubbles, don’t give up. Create new ones! As a bubble maker you strive to create a bubble that will be bigger and last longer. Take that same determination and apply it to your life’s goals. This then freed up the stained glass window for the double dragonfly motif. Metamorphosis, omnidirectional in flight and the ability to refract light through prismatic wings as well as iridescent bodies has endeared the dragonfly to many ancient cultures globally who prescribed magic and mysticism upon it.
Creativity and artistic endeavors are instigated
by its light and playful nature.

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