Monday, March 28, 2016

HazelMoon is retiring - Please read it!

    Remember my older blog called; Giving is a Blessings ? I had so much fun giving away and selling my HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot.  By giving them away for FREE or extremely low prices we gained even more blessings. I've never been motivated by greed, nor an overwhelming desire to profit.

    I am retiring from Tarot and from Tarot Communities and have decided to pour all my energies into a noble new goal. This is to create a home for unwanted and abandoned senior dogs. Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats and I offering my last 2000 set of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot to assist in reaching this goal. All the remaining sets have been donated to Rosegate and all proceeds are to help fund the project. I will refuse  any profits from all future sales and promote the remaining sets only for the welfare of these dogs and cats. My only profit will be knowing these senior dogs/cats had love and comfort in their older years.

   This deck was a limited print run and will not be re-printed. It has served a beautiful purpose and is still fore filling that prospect. For those who love them I am sure that their life has become somehow blessed as well. This blog is to ask that if you felt  I was generous with you in the past, please, please, please make a donation for Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats . Please help bring the positive energies of Hazelmoons Hawaiian Tarot full circle and complete the healing it started out as.

   I know that sometimes you've ordered only 1 deck and I sent you 5 or 10 of them! If you are reading this, then you know what I am talking about ;) I did that from my heart and had no thought to any future influence. Please look into your heart... It's your turn now to be generous and not with or for me, but be generous with these dogs/cats and your love! There are so many orphans, unwanted, senior dogs and cats are out there and they will need everyone's help! 

    Life often takes turns we did not see coming and when, as care providers, we fail our furry friends, who will take them in? Older dogs have less time and more health issues, which can be concerning to prospective adoption leaving them with few choices. Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats lets dogs/cats
be dogs/cats and old dogs/cats be spoiled. They deserve that luxury in the older years of their lives. We will be their final family and provide what circumstances they could not control has taken from them.
  Many have asked why a home for senior dogs/cats? At first they laugh or wonder why an old dog/cat would even need a new home. Dog/cat owners who love and respect their dogs/cats either for hunting, herding or family companion would ever think of giving up their dog or cat. Then I walk them down the dark road where a parent goes into a nursing home or dies. No one can take the dog/cat in due to their own conditions, be it housing or lifestyle or the considerable problems they think the old, blind, incontinent or epileptic dog/cat
will bring unto them they look for a friend to help but the same problems come to mind for each asked. Worse, some people just decide to close their hearts and say it is too much work or worry so they decide to either place the dog in a pound or into the great void. The people I explained this to quickly understand the need for homes like this and wonder why there are not more.

So, if you feel that HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot has ever helped you, please donate to this cause of the pages below: 
You can also donate through this Blog or through Rosegate's website.

So, what is Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats? 

Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats is a project that we would love to achieve and currently have started with passion. The county and surrounding region we live in have no shelters or facilities, and only a handful of caring people with foster homes. It is a rural environment with many farmers and hunters who value and love their dogs/cats however sometimes circumstances arise that leave older dogs/cats without hope. Older dogs/cats present challenges and are rarely adopted into new families without concerns. These dogs and cats should not have limited opportunities and deserve more than being unwanted.

Our intentions are to establish Rosegate and provide these senior dogs and cats a home for life.
We have started raising funds to acquire and convert some old farm buildings adjacent to our property
into the proper facilities required.
In the meantime we educate ourselves about founding a tax free, charitable non-profit corporation and bring together a team of people, not only to accomplish this dream but also to do so in perpetually.

Some say all dogs/cats go to heaven but before they make that journey they can rest with us at Rosegate and relive the love that fate may have taken away.

You can read more about Our Vision and Our Story by visiting Rosegate's website

Thank you for all the supports!

Monday, March 21, 2016

The World is a small place - Hawaiian Tarot from Japan

The World is a small place. I mean a very, very small place. I was browsing the internet and I found a Japanese lady who created another Hawaiian Tarot deck without knowing mine. She named her deck Hawaiian Aloha Tarot. Self-published hers and printed 5000 copies (2011) just like me. 

Marketing is hard, so we've made a decision to help each other. We made friends and exchange information and decks. Her tarot is ONLY sold in Japan.

She wrote to me:
"I created Hawaiian Aloha Tarot with another 2 persons. Drawing picture is another person, Mitsuru Ai and Hitoshi  Sato."

I received her deck couple weeks ago and love them. Nice artwork and very colorful. The only problem is that the little booklet is in Japanese language. 
Anyway, it is a nice addition for my collection. 


Mahalo for Hisae Sato