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Review by Janet Boyer

I did not know that was the beginning of my healing. I began to know who I was and realized why I had the urge to live there. I found the inner peace that I had been looking for. I started to love and accept myself as well as the other people around me. The ancient land of Hawaii, the volcanoes, the rain forests, the colorful sandy beaches, the sound of the ocean, or the sweet rhythm of the ukulele, the tall swinging palm trees, the people, the hula…they were all sacred and dear to me, because they taught me that we are one.” – From the companion booklet to

Since the tender age of 13, the creator and artist of HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot has had Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, this painful condition didn’t stop Katalin Csikos from paying homage to her beloved adopted homeland in the first Tarot deck dedicated to the Aloha spirit and the islands of Hawaii:

A single, working mother originally from Hungary, Katalin says she could be at other beautiful destinations right now—Greece, Mexico, the Caribbean—but it’s the magical land of Hawaii that captures her heart and heals her soul. In fact, Hawaii’s siren song had been so strong for Katalin while living in Arizona that she quit her job, sold all she had, and bought two one-way tickets to the Big Island.

Many years in the making,
HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot offers a vibrant peek into the mystery, history, lore and lure that fuels Katalin’s love for the Kingdom of Hawaii. From hypnotic hula dancers to fiery sunsets, surfing boys to erupting volcanoes, lush vegetation to playful dolphins, Katalin provides non-natives a sense of “being there” among the spirit of Aloha.
While most cards gleam with glowing reds, soothing lavenders, brilliant blues and verdant foliage, Katalin doesn’t shy away from the harm that has come to both the land and its inhabitants. For example, Trump XV, often called The Devil, is renamed The Evil in the Hawaiian Tarot, showing bloodied harpooned whales and smokestacks belching gray debris.

In HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot, the Minor Arcana suits are Cups, Sticks, Swords and Lava Stones and the Court Cards follow the Boy, Warrior, Queen and King designation. Measuring approximately 4 ½ x 3 inches, these sturdy, glossy cards feature a thick border dotted with primitive Hawaiian symbols surrounding the central image, while the card backing shows a non-reversible palm tree in colors of cream and brown.

A 108-page companion booklet accompanies the HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot, offering cultural and historical tidbits, as well as spiritual insights, advice on learning Tarot, individual card interpretation and both upright and reversed divinatory meanings.

Personally, I had hoped for more background information on some of the card imagery, especially the ones featuring plants and flowers. For example, the 8 of Swords depicts vivid vegetation with eight blue swords, but we don’t know what kind of foliage we’re seeing and how they may connect to the traditional meanings of the 8 of Swords card (for which Katalin provides common meanings).

As such, I don’t think HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot would be a good beginner deck, only because there lacks an explanation of the connection between imagery, designation and offered interpretations for some of the cards.
If you’re drawn to the magical land of Hawaii, or find Katalin’s bright, beguiling, rudimentary paintings alluring, I think you’ll find HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot to be quite the treasure. Indeed, this deck is the first, and only, Tarot dedicated to the enchanted spirit of Aloha and the Islands.

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