Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot is NOW available in Australia

Little by Little, we're everywhere.
HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot is already in Japan, UK, Canada,
Europe, South America even South-East Asia...
I've got hundres of hits from all over the World now, from people whose interested in a little peek or to have my
Now they are available in Australia!

A Big Mahalo for Kashanté/Kamini,
who wants to distribute my Hawaiian Tarot in Australia.
One day I received a message from her:
"I wonder if you'd consider me being the South Australian distributor" I did accept her offer. Actually I was very happy that someone is willing to do that. I wrote her back and she place her order. Now HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot is available throu her in Australia!

Who is Kashanté/Kamini?

Foremost Kashanté is a mother, yoga therapist and teacher with over 30 years experience, well known Belly Dance, Bollywood, Hula performer and teacher, Zumba exponent, Reader and Healer, and environmentalist. Mostly practice in the South of Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula but also country and interstate workshops. 
Have performed in Egypt and Australia.

Her healing modality is Isis Lotus Healing and general yogic healing,
which is the basis for Reiki. Yoga wise, She has taught for many years, written many papers and courses, mentored quite a number of students studying particular yoga courses, that she has also completed,
and most recently have studied for some years and completed
graduate and post graduate training with
Dr. Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati), well known for his vast experience in the field of Tantra, the mother of Yoga.
Kashanté is working on her website and her little shop at this time, where she's planning to sell HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot for people in Australia. Shipping to Australia is very costly, so Kashanté and I the creator of this deck decided to ship a bulk to the continent once in a while, so they can be avilable for the residents of Australia.

Beto and his team should be proud and pleased with the gift ZUMBA® fitness has given to the world. They have created a fitness regime that is fun, well planned and presented, in addition to igniting a world wide appreciation for Latin American and other primal dance. The programme encourages people to move in a fun way, impacting positively on general and aerobic health. People attend because it makes them feel good. I've always said that your fitness plan should be fun, expressive, varied, natural and suitable for individual capacities - ZUMBA gives participants all of this, allowing for raising or lowering intensity safely and effectively. Participants get fit as a side benefit of having fun. In addition, I thank the team for the business opportunity ZUMBA offers to thousands of qualified instructors. I commend Beto and the whole team for the professional, considered construction of the programme and am proud to be part of the ZUMBA phenomenon. Yoga and Dance have been deemed to be the best ways to improve fitness and general health on all levels. As a combined discipline they cover all the bases of creating abundant, optimal health, providing - sensible warm-ups and cool down; creative connection with primal ways of expressing and moving; healthy increase in cardiovascular and related systems health; a social, community outlet and more. My 30 years teaching experience in Yoga and various dance forms, including Belly Dance, Bollywood, Hula and other Polynesian, community and Circle Dance, adds a creative and authentic dance feel to the fantastic life-affirming ZUMBA® routines. I'm looking forward to passing on my knowledge to you. I'm also available and qualified to teach young adults and private groups.

"LIFE is a DANCE of your OWN CREATION - Let me INSPIRE your SOULFUL JOURNEY. Practical, integral, traditional and contemporary YOGA applications. Introductory, Beginner, Progressive Beginner, Intermediate levels. MidEastern/Bollywood/Polynesian Dance, ZUMBA/ZUMBATOMIC/ZUMBA EASY and/or Yoga class combinations. Classes, workshops, private tuition and THERAPY, retreats, merchandise, parties. Over 30 yrs teaching experience, state, national, international accreditation".

Kashanté will be very happy for people to call her
at 61 8 8556 6563
E-mail her on this e-mail address:
or write to the regular address:

Kashante Anderson
44 Ratcliffe Road,
Aldinga Beach, 5173
South Australia.

Hari AUM - Kashanté/Kamini