Monday, October 7, 2013

Time to donate more HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot


Aloha Everybody!

It is time for more donations. I love giving do you?

Halloween and Christmas around the corner.

I am sure that you have plenty of friends and family members who

would LOVE to have my Hawaiian Tarot


By the way, I was just donated some to
Kalani Oceanside Retreat
on the Big Island of Hawaii.


"Kalani is the kind of low-key paradise that makes you fall in love with Hawaii again."

– Edward Guthman,
The Advocate

I contacted Katalin Koda

She's living in Hawai'i and we share the same first name. I found her for the first time online when she had an event at Basically Books in Hilo. I thought that she spoke Hungarian too, but she told me she does not. One of her parents was Hungarian. She has published a couple of books and she has similar interests so we struck up a conversation. She loves Hawai'i and India, just like me. Her striking eyes even look like my sister's back in Hungary and I felt closer to her right away. Life is a funny playground.


Her books are available at her publisher’s site at

Llewellyn Worldwide or Amazon


Okay, let's get back to my story... when I created HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot, I felt a little bit differently then I currently do. I was hopeless and penniless but full of soul searching energy. I thought if I can create and print my Hawaiian Tarot cards, then I can at least buy a home and settle down. Money had never driven me or my actions before so I felt shame at my thoughts that a spiritual creation I had would be positioned as a income generating machine. I had even felt disgusted with people who held greed as a emotional compass and drive to acquire. I always thought money was simply something that could be used as a tool to achieve happiness. The hording of money itself was not important it was what it could do for you. All my life I wanted to roam the wild world to see people and their culture and just come to know this planet a little bit better. Reading my old diaries I realized that I always had been a freedom loving bird. Flying far and wide to see and enjoy the world, facing into the wind. Then I would go home to my little nest and rest.

Somehow and much to my surprise the Universe helped me to have my home without reaching the goal of selling most of the Tarot decks. Just the strength to go through with the arduous task and bring the vision to those who might have an interest has seemed enough to bestowed upon me this great gift. I feel so very lucky and blessed in my life to finally have a home. So, I want you to feel the same and if you would like to have some of my Tarot decks let me know. I have plenty to give in the hopes of honoring this wonder of life's mysteries but I only ask that you refrain from the temptation to attempt a greedy profit. My wish is that by you putting your own dream in a small way into this project to disseminate them further, you may also be blessed.

Here's the deal;
Get 32 sets of
in their original factory box.
ALL you have to do is pay for the shipping $50.00.
Priority Mail 2-Day
Good Karma or what?
Are you willing to give?
I am ready to send them to you!

Have a wonderful Holidays!
Mahalo and Thank you for your interest!