Monday, March 21, 2016

The World is a small place - Hawaiian Tarot from Japan

The World is a small place. I mean a very, very small place. I was browsing the internet and I found a Japanese lady who created another Hawaiian Tarot deck without knowing mine. She named her deck Hawaiian Aloha Tarot. Self-published hers and printed 5000 copies (2011) just like me. 

Marketing is hard, so we've made a decision to help each other. We made friends and exchange information and decks. Her tarot is ONLY sold in Japan.

She wrote to me:
"I created Hawaiian Aloha Tarot with another 2 persons. Drawing picture is another person, Mitsuru Ai and Hitoshi  Sato."

I received her deck couple weeks ago and love them. Nice artwork and very colorful. The only problem is that the little booklet is in Japanese language. 
Anyway, it is a nice addition for my collection. 


Mahalo for Hisae Sato

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